Student Success and Support Program

Recognizing that student success is the responsibility of both the college and the student, the Student Success and Support Program was established to assure that students who attend a California Community College are given the best possible opportunity to succeed in accomplishing their academic goals. To accomplish this, the college will assure that appropriate services are provided to students to enhance their success. As a student, you must identify your academic goal and course of study as well as complete required core services including Assessment, Orientation, and Educational Planning. Follow the Steps to Apply & Register tab to begin your academic career including information on the services you are required to participate in.

Step 1 – Apply to Mt. SAC

Complete and submit a Mt. SAC Admission Application. Computers are available in the Student Services Center for your convenience. For further information, contact Admissions Office at (909) 274-4415 or visit Admissions online.

Mountie Fast Track Info Session - Got questions? These Information Sessions were created to answer student questions and assist students in getting started at Mt. SAC! Register online at Fast Track Info Sessions.

Step 2 – Apply for Financial Aid

Mt. SAC offers a variety of financial aid programs funded by federal and state agencies and private sources, including grants, fee waivers, work-study opportunities, scholarships, and loans. For further information, contact the Financial Aid Office at (909) 274-4450 or visit Financial Aid online.

Step 3 – Complete the Assessment Process

All Mt. SAC students are required to participate in assessment for course placement. The assessment and placement process has been established to enable all students the opportunity to be successful in their coursework. Please log into the student portal and complete the Assessment Questionnaire (AQ). Upon completion, you will be given your course placement or will be advised on your next step in the assessment process. For further information, contact the Assessment Center at (909) 274-4265 or visit Assessment online. 

Step 4 – Complete the New Student Online Orientation

Mt. SAC online orientation is designed to help students transition to Mt. San Antonio College. Orientation will provide information about college life, educational goals, planning, student services, academic services, special programs, student conduct, and safety rules/regulations. Access the online orientation by logging into the Mt. SAC student portal account and click on the “Student Success” tab. For further information, Contact the Counseling Center at (909) 274-4380 or visit Counseling.

Step 5 – Get Counseling

The Mt. SAC Counseling Office provides support to help students reach their educational goals.

Attend a Mountie Academic Planning (MAP) Workshop

At the workshop, a counselor will review your course placement recommendations based on the Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) and/or test scores and help you with selecting courses based on your academic and career goals. Based on your placement, a counselor will help you develop your first-semester course schedule by helping you select the appropriate English, math, reading, general education, and major specific courses needed to reach your educational goal.

Counselors are available to help if you:

1. are undecided about your major or career goal,

2. need assistance in planning your educational and/or career goal,

3. need assistance in choosing a university or college for transfer, or

4. have personal problems that impact your college success.

For further information, contact the Counseling Center at (909) 274-4380 or visit the Counseling Center located in the Student Services Building (9B) Second Floor or visit Counseling.

Step 6 – Register Online

Register online, based on your assigned registration date/time. Check your registration date by logging into your student portal account.

Step 7 – Pay Fees

You can pay your fees online through your student portal (student tab, link #25 Pay Fees), in person at the Cashier's Office (formerly Bursar's Office, Lower Level - Bldg. 4), by mail or through drop box. For information regarding fee payment options and payment policies, please visit the Cashier's Office website at, reference the Schedule of Classes, or contact the Cashier's Office at (909) 274-4960. 

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