American Language Foundational English for English Language Learners (Certificate M0858)

Humanities and Social Sciences Division
Certificate M0858

The American Language Foundational English for English Language Learners certificate provides students with evidence of intermediate English as a Second Language writing, reading, speaking, listening, and college readiness skills, which students will demonstrate with completion of a series of courses that are designed for an active, student-centered classroom experience based on relevant themes.

  • Students must be English Language Learners who complete the college application process, including the Assessment Questionnaire and the Guided Self-Placement process as needed.
  • Students must be prepared to study in an English-only environment.

This certificate aims to improve students’ English language proficiency for successfully navigating the workplace, the community, and/or their coursework at Mt. San Antonio College. This certificate serves as a foundational certificate in a series increasing-level certificates for English Language Learners—the American Language Advanced Proficiency and American Language Communication for English Language Learners Certificates of Achievement.

Required Courses
Course Prefix Course Name Units
AMLA 72American English Pronunciation2
AMLA 80Intermediate to Advanced Writing and Reading5
AMLA 81American Language Intermediate Reading4
AMLA 87AMLA Grammar Foundations for English Language Learners2
COUN 1Introduction to College1
Total Units14

Program Learning Outcomes

Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

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