Vocational Nursing

Certificate of Completion

The Vocational Nursing program is regulated by the Board of Vocational Nurse & Psychiatric Technicians commonly referred to as BVNPT (Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians). Students will gain the knowledge of nursing science in a supportive learning environment that values a diverse group of students in acquiring the necessary skills to become eligible for the NCLEX-PN examination of the National Council of State Board of Nursing in the State of California. Students successfully completing the Vocational Nursing Program will be able to meet the requirements for the vocational nurse licensure as specified in the Vocational Nurse Practice Act. This program is specifically for noncredit adult students who are seeking training in the health field for immediate employment and future health career ladders. Once licensed, the LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) may find employment in hospitals, clinics, private physicians’ offices, and
skilled nursing facilities. Students must pass all three core courses to earn the Vocational Nursing certificate.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will gain employment as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) in the nursing sector and heath field.
  • Students will possess and demonstrate vocational nursing skills and job readiness.
  • Students will be prepared to pass the NCLEX-PN examination of the National Council of State Board of Nursing in the State of California to gain vocational nursing licensure.
  • Students will be able to progress through the health careers ladder by enrolling in our Mt. SAC’s credit-bearing health careers and licensure programs.

    Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

Required Courses

Course Prefix Course Name Units
Vocational Nursing 1
Vocational Nursing 2
Vocational Nursing 3
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