Music Studies - Level I (Certificate M0673)

Arts Division
Music Studies - Level I prepares students with introductory skills that will lead to a career in music, including teaching, performance, therapy and related fields. Coursework focuses on developing skills in musical performance commensurate to appropriate level of experience, and an understanding of fundamental music theory, musicianship, and keyboard skills. Students will demonstrate competency in performance, fluency in reading and writing musical notation, and basic knowledge of keyboard skills.  

Required Courses

Course Prefix Course Name Units
Core courses
MUS 110AMusic Fundamentals for Musicians4
MUS 120Music Theory I3
MUS 125Musicianship I1
MUS 160Individual Instruction (Complete 1 unit)0.5
MUS 170Piano I1
Choose 2 electives from the following (3-4 units minimum; course may be repeated):3-4
Chamber Music
Concert Choir
Laboratory Band
Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Men's Vocal Ensemble
Wind Ensemble
Jazz Improvisation and Performance Choir
Contemporary A Cappella Ensemble
Madrigal Singers
Total Units13-14

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