Vocational Re-Entry

Sewing and Tailoring

Certificate of Completion

This certificate in Sewing and Tailoring is customized to meet the needs of the entry level adult student or professional, who is seeking to acquire specific skills used in today’s emerging fashion industry for tailors, dressmakers or custom sewers to master each phase of the apparel process to produce made-to-measure garments. Jobs such as alterations sewer, alterations tailor, bridal gown fitter, coat cutter, coat maker, couture dressmaker, dress fitter, fur tailor, garment fitter, and suit maker.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will construct and present professional looking tailored garments.
  • Students will be prepared for entry-level sewing and tailoring employment.

Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

Required Courses

Course Prefix Course Name Units
Sewing and Tailoring 1
Sewing and Tailoring 2
Sewing and Design
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