Agricultural Science and Technology (AS Degree S0853)

Natural Sciences Division
Degree S0853

The A.S. in Agricultural Science and Technology is designed to enable students to prepare for a career in this essential and diverse profession. It is also ideal for those who desire a career in agricultural education.  The curriculum is flexible in nature to allow for previous experience and specialization in a given area of agriculture.  The program is unique in that most courses provide hands-on experiences designed to give the students a combination of practical skills and technical knowledge. 
This program is intended to prepare students for employment following graduation or to transfer to a university.  Students desiring a bachelor's degree should consult with the department chairperson, counselor or advisor to discuss transferability of courses.
Upon completion of the A.S. in Agricultural Science and Technology degree students will understand the foundations of agriculture, animal production practices, plant production practices, soil science, crop nutrition, crop pest and disease control, and the operation of agricultural equipment.  Students will be prepared for careers within a wide variety of specializations in the field of agriculture.  This degree also prepares students with the foundational knowledge necessary to pursue baccalaureate degrees in Agriculture, Agricultural and Environmental Plant Sciences, Agricultural Science, Animal Science, Plant Science, Agriculture Education, Agriculture Studies or related majors.

Required Courses
Course Prefix Course Name Units
AGAG 1Food Production, Land Use, and Politics - A Global Perspective3
AGOR 1Horticultural Science3
AGOR 2Plant Propagation/Greenhouse Management3
AGOR 50Soil Science and Management3
AGOR 51Tractor and Landscape Equipment Operations3
ASCI 1Animal Science3
ASCI 2Animal Nutrition3
ASCI 2LAnimal Nutrition Laboratory0.5
Choose three courses from the following:9
Landscape Design
Integrated Pest Management
Landscaping and Nursery Management
Turf Grass Production and Management
Small Engine Repair I
Irrigation Principles and Design
Construction Fundamentals
Swine Production
Horse Production and Management
Sheep Production
Beef Production
Animal Handling and Restraint
Introduction to Welding
Total Units30.5

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Agricultural Sciences Website
Horticulture Website

Program Learning Outcomes

Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

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