Geotech (Certificate T0677)

Natural Sciences Division

Students who obtain the Geotech Certificate will be qualified for entry-level employment opportunities with local government agencies, private firms, and utilities specializing in water resources and water quality, engineering geology, petroleum resources, environmental hazards and remediation and other geotechnical services. Certificate earners will receive hands-on training in field and lab skills necessary for a variety of geotechnical careers.  There are no prerequisite skills for the certificate and enrollment will be limited only by available space in the core classes.  The Geotech Certificate will allow students to qualify for positions in the geotechnical sector prior to or without obtaining a 4-year degree.

Required Courses 

Course Prefix Course Name Units
GEOL 1Physical Geology4
GEOL 9Environmental Geology3
GEOL 9LEnvironmental Geology Laboratory1
MATH 51Elementary Algebra4
or MATH 71 Intermediate Algebra
CISB 15Microcomputer Applications3.5
CHEM 9Chemistry of Everyday Life3
or CHEM 10 Chemistry for Allied Health Majors
or CHEM 40 Introduction to General Chemistry
GEOG 10Introduction to Geographic Information Systems3
GEOL 24Geologic Field Studies: Central California4
or GEOL 25 Geologic Field Studies: Southern California
or GEOL 29 Special Topics in Field Geology
GEOL 31Geotechnical Methods for Geotech1
AGOR 50Soil Science and Management3
GEOL 33Geotechnical Methods for Geotech 21
SPCH 1APublic Speaking4
or SPCH 1AH Public Speaking - Honors
AGOR 71Construction Fundamentals3
GEOL 32Work Experience in Geotechnician/Environmental Technician Skills1
Total Units37.5-41.5
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