Electronics Engineering Technology (AS Degree S0681)

Technology and Health Division 

This A.S. Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology combines core courses in Electronics Technology plus
additional math and science support courses. This degree is ideal for students who want the flexibility of receiving
a skills based vocational degree that can immediately be applied to the job market, or for transfer towards a 4 year
degree in Electronics Engineering Technology or Electronic Systems Engineering Technology at a four year
university. This degree aims at maximizing the number of courses that meet the lower division requirements of the
four year programs at local universities. Topics in core courses focus on direct and alternating current, electronic
devices, digital and industrial electronics, as well as the electronic assembly and fabrication.
Students completing this degree will be prepared with the necessary knowledge to make them versatile
employees. Typical technician-level job classifications include electronics technician, electronics drafter, calibration
technologist, field service technician, field engineer, customer service technician, and maintenance technician.

Required Courses 
Course Prefix Course Name Units
ELEC 50AElectronic Circuits - Direct Current (DC)4
ELEC 50BElectronic Circuits (AC)4
ELEC 51Semiconductor Devices and Circuits4
ELEC 54BIndustrial Electronic Systems3
ELEC 56Digital Electronics4
ELEC 61Electronic Assembly and Fabrication3
CISP 31Programming in C++3
CISP 31LProgramming in C++ Laboratory0.5
MATH 150Trigonometry3
PHYS 2AGGeneral Physics4
PHYS 2BGGeneral Physics4
Total Units36.5
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