Commercial Music (AS Degree S0876)

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Degree S0876

A degree in Commercial Music prepares students for entry-level work in the commercial music industry. The program includes music and audio courses that cover the performance, creative, technical, and business concepts needed to succeed in the field of commercial music.  Students will learn to write, compose, and arrange modern commercial music; perform commercial music in live and recording settings; produce, record, and mix commercial music; collaborate effectively in commercial music settings; and integrate commercial music practices in a variety of musical and non-musical settings. This program is distinct from our Music program because it addresses modern, commercial music rather than traditional music genres.  It also relies on digital music technologies more than traditional instruments.  It differs from our Audio Arts program in that it is focused on the creation and production of music rather than the technical operation of audio equipment.  The Commercial Music degree provides a balance of performance, creative, and technical skills not found in these related programs on campus. Because the commercial music industry is highly competitive, job placement is not guaranteed.  However, the Los Angeles area is the center of the industry and graduates will be well-positioned for jobs and careers such as musical performer, music producer, music director, songwriter, sound designer, disc jockey, music scorer, copyist, and sound editor.  Enrollment is open to all interested students although previous experience with musical performance and music technology is recommended.

Required Courses

Course Prefix Course Name Units
Required Courses29
Music Fundamentals for Musicians
Music Theory I
Musicianship I
Individual Instruction (take 4 times for 2 units)
Piano II
Fundamentals of Audio Technology
Electronic Music
Business of Audio Production
Audio Recording
Live Sound Engineering
Required Electives
Choose 3 units from the following list3
Audio Production
Audio for Multimedia
Sound Performance and Synthesis
Choose 3 units from the following list3
History of Jazz
World Music
American Folk Music
American Folk Music - Honors
Rock Music History and Appreciation
Rock Music History and Appreciation - Honors
Introduction to Western Classical Music
Introduction to Western Classical Music - Honors
Women in Music
Film Music Appreciation
Music and Culture of Hip Hop
Music and Culture of Hip-Hop - Honors
Western Music History I: Antiquity to 1750
Western Music History II: 1750 to Present
Choose 4 units from the following list4
Chamber Music
Choral Workshop
Collegiate Chorale
Concert Choir
Opera Scenes
Women's Vocal Ensemble
Wind Symphony
Laboratory Band
Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Chamber Singers
Jazz Ensemble
Men's Vocal Ensemble
Wind Ensemble
Jazz Improvisation and Performance Choir
Contemporary A Cappella Ensemble
Madrigal Singers
DJ Performance
Pop/Rock Band
Advanced Commercial Music Ensemble
Total Units39

Program Learning Outcomes

Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

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