Adults with Disabilities

The School of Continuing Education's (SCE) *IMPACT Program provides education for adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) and other developmental disabilities (DD). A comprehensive curriculum is under development to prepare students for employment, living independently, participating in college life, and becoming more independent in the community.  The College campus and surrounding community provide a rich environment for instruction and skill development. IMPACT enables students with ID/DD to attend college and maximize their potential for integration into the mainstream of society.

* (Independent living skills, Mobility training, Physical health and well-being, Advocacy for self, College career and job readiness skills, and Technology training)


  • To provide a coordinated instructional program designed to help students develop their social, personal, academic, vocational, and independent living skills.
  • To provide an inclusive, structured environment that enables individuals with ID/DD to develop and manage appropriate patterns of behavior within a social and vocational context.
  • To develop a person-centered educational and vocational plan by assessing the interests, needs, and capabilities of each participant.

For more information, on IMPACT please contact the Department at (909) 274-4192.

Course Prefix Course Name Units
Lifelong Learning for Adults with Disabilities
Interacting with Emergency Personnel and Authorities
Introduction to Banking for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Independent Living Skills - Consumer Skills
Independent Living Skills - Health and Fitness Skills
Independent Living Skills - Money Skills
Independent Living Skills - Practical Living Skills
Independent Living Skills - Basic Budgeting and Money Management
Independent Living Skills - Human Sexuality
Independent Living Skills - Personal Care
Independent Living Skills - Romantic Relationships
Independent Living Skills - Safety Skills
Independent Living Skills - Memory Building Skills
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