Video Engineering (Certificate N0650)

Arts Division
Certificate N0650

This technical training program prepares students for an entry-level job for one of the following positions within this emphasis: video systems engineer, technical manager for both remote outside broadcast (OB) and in-studio production, technical operations supervisor or technician, video assist operator, digital cinema camera technician and assistant editor. The scope of instruction covers broadcast and digital cinema camera systems, system design and integration for single and/or multi-camera production, appliance trouble-shooting and signal quality assurance and video standards.

Required Courses 

Course Prefix Course Name Units
CNET 56Computer Networks4
ELEC 50AElectronic Circuits - Direct Current (DC)4
or ELEC 50B Electronic Circuits (AC)
R-TV 19ABeginning Video Production3
R-TV 21Remote Multicamera Production3
R-TV 41ABeginning Video Engineering3
R-TV 41BAdvanced Video Engineering3
Total Units20

Program Learning Outcomes

Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

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Plan of Study Grid
Fall TermUnits
R-TV 19A Beginning Video Production 3
R-TV 41 3
Spring Term
CNET 56 Computer Networks 4
R-TV 21 Remote Multicamera Production 3
Certificate: Video Engineering N0650 0
Submit petition:, Student Tab#45 5
 Total Units13
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