Student Services

Student Life

Student Life provides opportunities for participation in leadership programs, student government, student clubs, and other social, personal growth and development experiences.

Student Life Office

Student Life Center

Building 9C, (909) 274- 5959
Student Life Center

The Student Life Center provides a relaxing area to lounge, watch TV, and play foosball, ping pong, a variety of board games, or video games. Students also have access to free wireless Internet. The Student Life Center creates an environment for students to socialize and connect with other students as well as serves as a meeting place for events, activities, clubs and student government. The Student Life Center is also the place to find information about off-campus housing and food resources. The Associated Students (AS) offices are located here. 

Associated Students (A.S.) Student Government

A.S. Student Activities Fee

Student Representation Fee

Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Services Departments and Programs 

Your success; our passion.  Student Services at Mt. San Antonio College are designed to meet the unique and varied needs of all students.  There are both general and specific services and support programs available for students ranging from admissions and financial aid to counseling, transfer, career services and student health; from learning communities like Bridge to specialized support services like EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs, DSPS, TRiO programs, Veterans Resource Center, Dream Center, and REACH Foster Youth.  A wide range of student activities are also available for students:  Associated Students government, over 60 student clubs and organizations, and student leadership development activities.  Students are encouraged to participate in campus life by engaging in support services and becoming involved in campus activities.
~Dr. Audrey Yamagata-Noji, Vice President, Student Services

Entry/Transitional Services 

Students are provided with process-oriented support services ranging from entering the college, completing processes, requirements and forms, qualifying for benefits, and providing information to students. 

Admissions and Records

Building 9B, (909) 274-4415

Admissions and Records is usually the first office prospective students visit and the last office students visit before transferring or graduating. Some of the services provided:

  1. Admission: All students must submit an application for admission in order to attend Mt. San Antonio College. The admission application generates a Permit to Register and establishes a historical student record for each student. Transcripts from other colleges must be submitted for prerequisite eligibility checks.
  2. Course Registration: All registration is conducted online via the web at MyPortal. Registration instructions can be found in the current Schedule of Classes or online at MyPortal.
  3. Admissions and Records is the official custodian of student records. This office maintains student demographic information such as name, address and Mt. SAC student identification number, student academic history, issues I-20’s for International Students, processes Petitions for Exceptional Action, transcript and enrollment verification requests, graduation and certificate petitions and distributes diplomas and certificates.
  4. Admissions and Records provides computers for student use located in the Student Services Building. These computers provide access to the student portal for students to print unofficial transcripts, final grades, and copies of the Permit to Register. All services are also available at MyPortal. To use this service, students must have their Mt. SAC Student username.

Assessment Center

Building 9B, (909) 274-4265
Assessment Center 

The Assessment Center provides assessment services to assure that all students are placed appropriately in Mt. SAC courses. Most students will be placed in courses based on their performance in high school. In some instances, students will be referred to the Assessment Center to take their placements tests which will assist in their course placement. In addition to these assessment and placement services, the Center offers Assessment Information Sessions geared to making students aware of the overall assessment process. English and math test preparation workshops are also offered to students at the Writing Center for the English placement test (AWE) and at the Student Services Math Success Lab for the math test. Students can schedule appointments for math, English, reading and chemistry placement tests, as well as for test information and preparation workshops via their portal, by phone, or by visiting the Assessment Center. 

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Building 9B, (909) 274-4450
Financial Aid & Scholarships

The Financial Aid Office provides information and assists students in applying for financial assistance in the form of grants, loans, scholarships, enrollment fee waivers, and work study opportunities. The Financial Aid office helps students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), as well as for the California DREAM Act, and the Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver applications. Moreover, our Scholarships program provides students with information about scholarships available within Mt. SAC, as well as external opportunities available throughout the year. 

High School Outreach

Building 9B, (909) 274-5906
High School Outreach

High School Outreach provides programs and services designed to help students successfully transition into Mt. SAC.  In addition to working with our local in district high schools, High School Outreach provides informational presentations, workshops, campus tours, registration assistance, and assistance via the Student Services Information Counter.  

General Support Services 

Services that are provided to all students, no pre-qualification necessary, assistance with persistence and guidance to reach educational goals, participation in the life of the college, and interventions to address specific student needs from mental to physical health. 

Career and Transfer Services

Building 9B, (upper level) (909) 274-4510

Career and Transfer Services helps students get from Mt. SAC to the next step in their educational journey whether that is a career or transfer to a four-year university. Career and Transfer Services provides a variety of activities, events and resources to help students transfer to universities, solidify career goals, sharpen job acquisition skills, and acquire part- and full-time employment.

Career Services include:
  • Job and internship referrals
  • Career fairs and employee panels 
  • Work preparedess conferences 
  • Career acquisition skills workshops
  • Mock interview sessions
  • On campus student employment orientations, placement, and training
  • 1-on-1 assistance with resume preparation, interviewing techniques, and general job search

While Mt. SAC graduates may return to Career and Transfer Services for employment assistance, current students are strongly encouraged to visit Career and Transfer Services while still attending. For more information, please go to career services.

Transfer Services include:
  • Workshops on transfer topics
  • University application assistance 
  • University representative visits and appointments
  • Transfer fairs
  • University tours
  • Annual transfer conference 
  • Walk-in transfer advising
  • Computers for career and transfer research, applications and more!

For more information, please go to transfer services

Counseling Services

Building 9B, (909) 274-4380

Not sure how to chart your path to your academic and career goals? Need help in creating your educational plan? Do you just need someone to talk to? The Mt. SAC Counseling Department is here to help! We deliver essential academic and career counseling services to our diverse student population. If you are experiencing   personal issues that are affecting your academic performance, we can listen and direct you to the appropriate resources as needed. We also conduct new student orientations, probation workshops, and participate in community and high school outreach. We are involved in numerous programs that are designed to ensure your success - programs such as the Bridge Program, Aspire Program, ARISE Program, Teacher Preparation Institute, STEM Center, Tech Ed. Resource Center, International Students, Student Athletes, and Career Institutes and more. We are here to help you succeed!

Student Health Services

Building 67B and 9E, Room 2300 (909) 274-4400
Health Center

The Student Health Center helps keep students physically and emotionally healthy so they can perform at their best. Professionals available include physicians, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, counselors, nurses, health education, and clerical support staff. The licensed professionals evaluate and treat minor, temporary physical and emotional conditions that require short term.

Specialized Programs 

Students pre-qualify for services specifically designed to address their academic and educational needs; services are designed specifically for particular groups of students; funding source frequently from grants and other categorical funding. 

Accessibility Resource Centers for Students (ACCESS Center formerly known as DSPS) 

Building 9, (909)274-4290

Accessibility Resource Centers for Students provides services above and beyond services that may be available elsewhere on campus to promote equal access to any facility, class, program, service, or activity on the Mt.SAC campus for students with verified disabilities or medical conditions. The services may be in classroom (e.g. a note taker) and/or outside of the classroom (e.g. tram service).  Services may be directly related to an approved educational   accommodation (e.g. note taker, tram service, sign language interpreting, etc.). Others may be a specialized version of a traditional student service. (e.g. counseling, advising, community liaison with outside agencies).

ACES Program

Building 9E, (909) 274-4411

The mission of the TRiO Student Support Services Program (ACES) is to provide college advisement and services in a challenging, encouraging and supportive manner to first-generation, and/or low income, foster youth or disabled students, such that all students will graduate and/or transfer to a four year college or university. ACES provides the following services:

  • ACES Counselors dedicated to 140 students that provide individualized academic, transfer,  career and financial aid counseling
  • Tutoring and guided study groups
  • Financial literacy and skill  development workshops
  • University and college tours
  • Cultural enrichment activities
  • Referral to resources at Mt. SAC, the community and four year universities
  • One week summer Transfer-Bridge program at the University of California Santa Barbara
  • Computer lab and free printing
  • Registration and transfer assistance

ARISE Program

Building 16B, (909) 274-6622

Arise Program, a federal grant program, provides support for Asian American and Pacific   Islander (AAPI) and other students. The goal of the program is to assist Asian American and Pacific Islander students to successfully attain their educational goals and recognize their  valuable contributions to the campus community as AAPI students and student leaders.   Program activities include: tutoring, educational advisement and counseling services, workshops, student leadership training, and basic skills development.

Aspire Program

Building 9F, (909) 274-6396

Aspire is a dynamic program designed to provide essential educational support and services to increase the academic success, retention, degree completion, and transfer rates of  African American and other students enrolled at Mt. San Antonio College. We accomplish this through monthly workshops, mentoring, and learning communities.

Bridge Program

Building 9E, (909) 274-5392

The Bridge Program offers several learning communities designed to increase your academic and personal success.  Students in the learning communities are enrolled in “linked” or “clustered” classes.  Various learning communities are offered, including: Summer Bridge, Math Bridge, and English Bridge. The Bridge Program is perfect for students who are the first in their family to attend college, want to improve academic and social skills,  want to learn more about career and transfer options,  or need  additional support  during their first year at Mt. SAC.


Building 9B, (909) 274-4755

The CalWORKs program provides educational/ training assistance to students who receive cash aid through Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), including self initiated participants (SIPs) and GAIN referrals. CalWORKs offers: one on one counseling, GAIN assistance, work study jobs, tutoring, and a book lending library.

CARE (Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education)

Building 9B, (909) 274-4500

Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) is a supplemental component of EOPS that specifically assists EOPS students whom are single heads of welfare households with young children. CARE students may receive additional support through counseling, tutoring, assistance with books and supplies, grants, and other services designed to help them complete their educational goals and transition from welfare-dependency to employment and eventual self-sufficiency for their families. Every CARE student is an EOPS student who must meet the eligibility criteria for both programs. 

DREAM Program

Building 16C, (909) 274-5596

The Dream Program provides services/resources to DREAMers (Undocumented Students) at Mt. SAC to ensure the Students’ success, personal growth and  development. The Program strives to do so, by providing services, such as  counseling (Academic, Career, and Personal), Peer Mentoring, CA Dream Act/ Financial Aid Information/Resources, Scholarship resources (TheDream.US), Legal Referrals for DACA, and Health Referrals for Health Services.

Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)

Building 9B, (909) 274-4500
Extended Opportunity Programs & Services

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) provides educational and financial support services to eligible students who have historically experienced economic   and   educational   disadvantages. Our program goes “over and above” other college services by offering priority registration, counseling, tutoring, financial assistance, and other support services designed to help students meet their personal and educational goals.

International Student Center

Building 9B, (909) 274-5032
International Student Center

The International Student Center, located on the upper level of the Student Services Center (9B), is a place where F-1 students can connect with one another and the international community. Students will find comfortable spaces to network with friends, computer stations available for their academic needs as well as referrals to student services and resources. The International Student Center hosts a variety of on and off campus excursions, workshops, and tutoring services.  Students with questions related to the College or a personal need will find friendly staff available to assist.

REACH Program

Building 9F, (909) 274-6556

REACH is an educational program designed to assist current and former Foster youth. REACH provides assistance and support to our Foster Youth students in their transition into college, while attending Mt. SAC and as they transfer to a University. We are committed to partnering with Foster Youth students, and walk with them side by side in pursuing their educational endeavors. Some REACH services offered are mentoring and support, housing resources information, priority registration, workshops and field trips, Chafee grant, textbook loans, and much more!

Veterans Resource Center (VRC)

Building 9E, (909) 274-4520

The VRC project established an innovative, collaborative effort to ease the transition for our student Veterans as they navigate our community college system. Today Mt. SAC continues to demonstrate both its motivation to meet the needs of Student Veterans and an ability to marshal resources to meet those needs through the VRC.  Amongst its services, the VRC offers a lounge, computer lab,  scholarship assistance, educational/career counseling, and one on one assistance with: FAFSA, VA Educational Benefits, portal navigation.

Other Departments, Programs, or Services for Students 

Bursar's Office

Building 4,  Lower Level,  (909) 274-4960
Bursar's Office

The Bursar’s Office is responsible for the collection of credit registration fees and other campus fees including parking permits, parking permit replacements, parking citation fees, enrollment verification, production cards, test fees and field trip fees. The Bursar’s Office also processes third party authorization vouchers for fee payment. The office also processes refunds for credit classes, parking permits and production cards. Students can also be assisted with questions regarding BankMobile (service processor for refunds and other disbursements).

For information regarding fee payment options and payment policies please visit the Bursar’s Office website, reference schedule of classes, or contact the Bursar’s Office.

Child Care Services

Building 70, (909) 274-4960
Child Care Services

The Mt. SAC Child Development Center offers childcare to students while attending class.  We provide high quality full and part day early childhood education services to your children. Our nationally accredited program serves children aged three months through five years.  After school care for kindergarteners is available as well. Parents and children must meet eligibility requirements, and children must attend for a minimum of 3 hours per day, at least twice a week. For requirement specifications, and pricing information, contact the center directly.

Honors Program

Building 26A-1680, (909) 274-4665

The Honors Program is designed for students who have demonstrated academic excellence. As part of the program honors students complete honors courses which are designated sections of transferable courses.  These courses are typically smaller than other classes and offered in a seminar, discussion format.
Completion of Honors Program certification makes a student eligible for priority admission consideration to universities including but not limited to UCLA, UC Irvine, Pitzer College and Pomona College. In addition to an enhanced curriculum, Honors Program students may participate in honors-specific counseling, workshops, and activities as well as receive library privileges at UC Irvine and UCLA.

Campus Safety Escort Service

Building 23, (909) 274-4233
Public Safety 

Mt. San Antonio College offers a Security Escort Service from 6:30 p.m. to 10:15 p.m., Monday - Thursday. Trained personnel will escort students safely to their car. Escorts are stationed at various locations on campus and can be identified by their yellow jackets and I.D. badges. Please refer to the campus map below to identify Escort locations. Students may also request a Security Escort by calling (909) 274-4555. 

Escort Location Map

Campus escort locations are indicated on the map below with a white X.


Building 9A,  (909) 274-4475

The SacBookRac is the campus book store where you may buy or rent textbooks, purchase supplies and services to meet your academic needs. The Bookstore is also a place to get college related supplies and services uniquely tailored to Mt. SAC student needs. In addition, this is the location where you can get you Mt. SAC student ID.

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