History (AA-T Degree A0334)

Humanities and Social Sciences Division

History is a broad-based academic discipline with foundational coursework in both World History and The History of the United States, augmented with course options that add dimension and depth to the student's understanding of the discipline - such as history courses outside of the Western World, courses in the humanities or social sciences (including history) that address any historically under-represented groups or non-western subject matter fulfilling transfer level GE categories.

The Associate in Arts in History for Transfer Degree program requires students to critically analyze material from a variety of sources and to develop links and connections in abstracting fundamental meaning of historical data. The course distribution of the degree will expose the students to the complexity and diversity of the historical past, thus placing the present by issues and problems with a meaningful historical context.

To earn an Associate in Arts in History Degree for Transfer, a student must complete a minimum of 60 semester units that are eligible for transfer to the CSU system that consist of the IGETC pattern or CSU GE breadth and a major of at least 18 units. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all CSU-transferable coursework to receive an associate degree for transfer and all courses in the major must be completed with a C or better. Students earning an associate degree for transfer will not be required to complete any other local graduation requirements. A “P” (Pass) grade is also an acceptable grade for courses in the major if the course is taken on a Pass/No Pass basis.

Required Courses

Course Prefix Course Name Units
Core Courses
HIST 7History of the United States to 18773
or HIST 7H History of the United States to 1877 - Honors
HIST 8History of the United States from 18653
or HIST 8H History of the United States from 1865 - Honors
List A
HIST 3World History: Prehistoric to Early Modern3
or HIST 3H World History: Prehistoric to Early Modern - Honors
HIST 4World History: Early Modern to the Present3
or HIST 4H World History: Early Modern to the Present - Honors
List B: Choose one course from each area:
Area 1 Diversity: or any List A course not already used:3
Asian American and Pacific Islander History
History of Premodern Asia
History of Premodern Asia - Honors
History of Modern Asia
History of Modern Asia - Honors
History of Latin America
History of Mexico
History of the African American 1619-1877
History of the African American
History of Africa
Women in American History
History of the Mexican American
History of Native Americans
Area 2: or any course not already used:3
The Wild West - A History, 1800-1890
California History
Total Units for Major18
CSU General Education or IGETC Pattern 139-42
Total Units60

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, a student will: 

  • Analyze the relationship between social, political, and/or economic institutions and human behavior from a historical perspective
  • Identify and evaluate major agents of change/reform across time in the United States and other countries and continents.
  • Differentiate among changes in American Constitutional government over time and discuss its impact.
  • Identify the influence of culture on human expression and analyze cultural and gender diversity in humans.          

Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

Looking for guidance? A counselor can help.This Guided Pathways for Success (GPS) is a suggested sequence of coursework needed for program completion. It is not an official educational plan. Schedule an appointment with a counselor or advisor as soon as possible to create an individualized Mountie Academic Plan (MAP) specific to your goals and needs.

Plan of Study Grid
Fall Term 1Units
ENGL 1A Freshman Composition 4
CSU ARTS CSU GE C1 Arts Crse 3
Winter Term 1
CSU ELECT CSU Trnsf Course (Elective) 3
Spring Term 1
CSU ETHS CSU GE Area F Ethnic Studies 3
CSU MATH CSU GE B4 Mathematics Crse 3
CSU CRTTH CSU Area A-3 Crit Thnkg Course 3
Summer Term 1
CSU ELECT CSU Trnsf Course (Elective) 3
Fall Term 2
CSU SCNC1 CSU GE B1 Physical Sc Crse 3
CSU ELECT CSU Trnsf Course (Elective) 3
Recommend GEOG 1 Teaching Careers 1  
Spring Term 2
CSU SCNC2 CSU GE B2 Life Sc Crse 3
CSU LAB CSU GE B3 Phy/Life Sc Lab Crse 1
CSU SELF CSU GE E Lifelong n SelfDev cr 3
CSU ELECT CSU Trnsf Course (Elective) 3
 Total Units38
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