eDiscovery and Litigation Support (Certificate M0885)

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Certificate M0885 

The eDiscovery and Litigation Support Certificate is designed for paralegals and other professionals interested in gaining employment in the emerging fields of litigation support and electronic discovery. Litigation support professionals help identify, preserve, collect, produce, and manage electronically stored information (ESI) in modern litigation. Courses focus on how such technology is rapidly changing the legal field and provides practical skills in popular eDiscovery platforms and databases.   

Required Courses 

Course Prefix Course Name Units
PLGL 100The Litigation Practice and eDiscovery3
PLGL 101Project Management Principles in eDiscovery3
PLGL 102Litigation Support Technology from Data Collection to Trial3
PLGL 103Litigation Support Applications3
Total Units12

Program Learning Outcomes

Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

Looking for guidance? A counselor can help.This Guided Pathways for Success (GPS) is a suggested sequence of coursework needed for program completion. It is not an official educational plan. Schedule an appointment with a counselor or advisor as soon as possible to create an individualized Mountie Academic Plan (MAP) specific to your goals and needs.

Plan of Study Grid
Fall TermUnits
PLGL 100 The Litigation Practice and eDiscovery 3
PLGL 101 Project Management Principles in eDiscovery 3
Spring Term
PLGL 102 Litigation Support Technology from Data Collection to Trial 3
PLGL 103 Litigation Support Applications 3
Certificate:eDiscovery Litigation Support E0441 1
Submit petition: inside.mtsac.edu Student Tab, #45 5
 Total Units12

*Please note: The Mt. SAC Paralegal/Legal Assistant Associate in Science Degree program is approved by the ABA and is the only Mt. SAC program approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). The eDiscovery and Litigation Support Certificate is a separate and distinct certificate which does not prepare students for a career as a paralegal and is not approved by the ABA nor is it an approved program option of the Paralegal Degree.

A paralegal shall perform work under the direction and supervision of an active member of the State Bar of California or other entity authorized under California law. A paralegal may not provide legal advice or engage in conduct that constitutes the unauthorized practice of law. (Business & Professions Code §§ 6450, 6451).

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