Animal Science Fundamentals (Certificate N0871)

Natural Sciences Division
Certificate N0871

This certificate program is designed for students to acquire basic knowledge in the fundamentals of Animal Science. This can be utilized to gain entry level employment on farms, ranches and in agricultural sales and services. It is also the first step in the pathway to a career in becoming an educator in Agricultural Sciences. All courses are applicable for degree requirements.

Required Courses

Course Prefix Course Name Units
ASCI 1Animal Science3
ASCI 2Animal Nutrition3
ASCI 51Animal Handling and Restraint 13
ASCI 94Animal Breeding3
ASCI 96Animal Sanitation and Disease Control3
ASCI 97Artificial Insemination of Livestock3
Select one course from the following: 3
Food Production, Land Use, and Politics - A Global Perspective
Swine Production
Sheep Production
Beef Production
Total Units21

Students must provide documentation of up-to-date rabies vaccination series or titer prior to being enrolled, as required by BP & AP 5210 and requirements mandated by American Veterinary Medical Association. Instructions on submitting documentation are available at document submission instructions. Additional information available at CDC information and AVMA accreditation policies.

Animal Sciences Website  

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, a student will:

  • be able to explain the historical and current economic importance of the livestock and pet animal industries.

Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

Looking for guidance? A counselor can help.This Guided Pathways for Success (GPS) is a suggested sequence of coursework needed for program completion. It is not an official educational plan. Schedule an appointment with a counselor or advisor as soon as possible to create an individualized Mountie Academic Plan (MAP) specific to your goals and needs.

Plan of Study Grid
Fall TermUnits
ASCI 1 Animal Science 3
ASCI 2 Animal Nutrition 3
ASCI 51 Animal Handling and Restraint 3
ASCI 94 Animal Breeding 3
ASCI 96 Animal Sanitation and Disease Control 3
Certificate: Animal Science Fundamentals (N0871) 1
Submit petition:, Student Tab#45 5
 Total Units15
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