Ornamental Horticulture (AS Degree S0119)

Natural Sciences Division
The courses in ornamental horticulture are designed to enable students to prepare for exciting careers in the essential and diverse horticulture profession. Careers in nursery management, retail garden centers, landscape design, installation and maintenance, arboretum and botanic gardens, arboriculture, interior landscaping, education, and research are just some of the options.

This degree is part of our comprehensive agricultural sciences program. Our program is unique in that most courses provide hands-on experience and are designed to give the student a combination of practical skills and technical knowledge. Students who intend to transfer should meet with a counselor or advisor to check the lower division requirements in the catalog of the college or university which they will attend and also the semester and year in which courses are offered.

Listed below are the courses needed to satisfy major requirements. It is recommended that students consult with the department chairperson, advisor or counselor to file an educational plan. For additional information, please call the Agricultural Sciences Department, ext. 4540, or visit the Mt. SAC Web site at Agricultural Sciences.

This degree requires the completion of General Education coursework plus the following:

Required Courses

Course Prefix Course Name Units
AGAG 1Food Production, Land Use, and Politics - A Global Perspective3
AGOR 1Horticultural Science3
AGOR 2Plant Propagation/Greenhouse Management3
AGOR 13Landscape Design3
AGOR 24Integrated Pest Management3
AGOR 29Ornamental Plants - Herbaceous3
AGOR 30Ornamental Plants - Trees and Woody Shrubs3
AGOR 32Landscaping and Nursery Management3
AGOR 39Turf Grass Production and Management3
AGOR 50Soil Science and Management3
AGOR 62Irrigation Principles and Design3
AGOR 71Construction Fundamentals3
Complete one to four units from the following course:
AGOR 91Work Experience in Horticulture1-4
Choose six units from the following:6
Interior Landscaping
Ornamental Plants for Southwest Climates
Sports Turf Management
Tractor and Landscape Equipment Operations
Small Engine Repair I
Irrigation Systems Management
Landscape Hardscape Applications
Urban Arboriculture
Microcomputer Applications
Total Units43-46

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, a student will:

  • Be technically proficient.
  • Demonstrate professional conduct in the industry.
  • Be able to give a professional quality oral presentation.

    Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

Looking for guidance? A counselor can help.This Guided Pathways for Success (GPS) is a suggested sequence of coursework needed for program completion. It is not an official educational plan. Schedule an appointment with a counselor or advisor as soon as possible to create an individualized Mountie Academic Plan (MAP) specific to your goals and needs.

Plan of Study Grid
Fall Term 1Units
AGOR 1 Horticultural Science 3
AGOR 50 Soil Science and Management 3
ENGL 1A Freshman Composition 4
Winter Term 1
A/AS PE .5
Spring Term 1
AGOR 2 Plant Propagation/Greenhouse Management 3
AGOR 29 Ornamental Plants - Herbaceous 3
AGOR 39 Turf Grass Production and Management 3
Summer Term 1
AGOR 91 Work Experience in Horticulture 4
Fall Term 2
AGOR 30 Ornamental Plants - Trees and Woody Shrubs 3
AGOR 71 Construction Fundamentals 3
AGOR 62 Irrigation Principles and Design 3
AGAG 1 Food Production, Land Use, and Politics - A Global Perspective 3
Winter Term 2
AGOR 63 course selection-complete requirement for 3  
Certificate: Sports Turf Management* Certificate: Sports Turf Management*  
AGOR 51 75 course selection-complete requirement 5  
Certificate: Tree Care Maintenance* Certificate: Tree Care Maintenance*  
Spring Term 2
AGOR 32 Landscaping and Nursery Management 3
AGOR 24 Integrated Pest Management 3
AGOR 13 Landscape Design 3
Certificate: Horticulture Science N0469 9  
*Certificate: Sports Turf Management N0639 9  
*Certificate: Tree Care Maintenance N0461 1  
Completion of additional course AGOR 64 for 4  
Certificate: Nursery Management N0628 8  
Ornamental Horticulture, AS S0119 9  
Submit petitions to Admissions Records Submit petitions to Admissions Records  
 Total Units61.5
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