Human Prosection (Certificate N0450)

Natural Sciences Division
Certificate N0450

The Certificate of Achievement in Human Prosection will be awarded to students for the completion of a two-year series of courses culminating in a year-long experience prosecting human cadavers for use as anatomical specimens in our general anatomy courses. Students completing these courses will acquire a unique set of skills in planning and performing careful dissection of specific assigned regions, and advanced knowledge of the human body, its anatomical structure, and the organization and relationship of organs, tissues, and organ systems.

Required Courses

Course Prefix Course Name Units
ANAT 35Human Anatomy5
ANAT 36Human Physiology5
ANAT 40AHuman Prosection2
ANAT 40BHuman Prosection2
BIOL 1General Biology4
or BIOL 4 Biology for Majors
or BIOL 4H Biology for Majors - Honors
Total Units18

Program Learning Outcomes

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Plan of Study Grid
Fall Term 1Units
BIOL 1 General Biology 4
Biol 4 option- prerequisite Chem 10 or 40 0
Chem 10 or 40 for Anat 36 6
CHEM 10 OR CHEM 40 5
Spring Term 1
ANAT 35 Human Anatomy 5
Fall Term 2
ANAT 40A Human Prosection 2
ANAT 36 Human Physiology 5
Spring Term 2
ANAT 40B Human Prosection 2
Certificate: Human Prosection N0450 0
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 Total Units18
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