Electronics Technology - Level 1 (Certificate M0679)

Technology and Health Division 

This one-semester program covers the fundamentals of Electronics Technology. General topics include direct current electronics, alternating current electronics, and digital electronics. These introductory courses provide entry-level skills for those seeking employment as electronics technicians. This Level 1 certificate will prepare students with the requisite knowledge for subsequent electronics certificates and degrees.

Required Courses 
Course Prefix Course Name Units
ELEC 50AElectronic Circuits - Direct Current (DC)4
ELEC 50BElectronic Circuits (AC)4
ELEC 56Digital Electronics4
Total Units12

Guided Pathways of Study

When students can identify a career goal early on in their educational journey, they are more likely to complete on time and succeed. Consistent guidance and a clear outline of the required courses help support students decisions in choosing the right program for them. Explore below to find the programs that most interest you.

Plan of Study Grid
Fall TermUnits
ELEC 50A Electronic Circuits - Direct Current (DC) 4 4
ELEC 50B Electronic Circuits (AC) 4 4
ELEC 56 Digital Electronics 4 4
Although ELEC 50A/B is an advisory for ELEC 56, 6  
may be taken concurrently in the semester. may be taken concurrently in the semester.  
ELEC 50A (part 1) taken weeks 1-8 of semester 8  
ELEC 50B (part 2) taken weeks 9-16 of semester 6  
Electronics Technology, Certificate Level 1 M0679 9  
Submit certificate petition to AR via portal #45 5  
 Total Units12
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