Computer and Networking Technology (Certificate T0960)

Technology and Health Division
Certificate T0960

The Computer and Networking Technology certificate program prepares students to become computer and networking service technicians. Courses required for this certificate provide foundations in basic electricity and electronics, operating systems, computer service and troubleshooting, computer networks, servers, customer relations, and preparation for the A+, Network+, Server+ and Security + certification examination sponsored by CompTIA and offered at testing centers throughout the country. These industry certifications are recognized worldwide as benchmarks for the computer and networking technician. Further, students will have requisite skills upon which to seek additional I.T. certifications available for the computer and networking fields.

Required Courses

Course Prefix Course Name Units
CNET 50Personal Computer (PC) Servicing4
CNET 52PC Operating Systems4
CNET 54PC Troubleshooting4
CNET 56Computer Networks4
CNET 58Server Systems4
CNET 60A+ Certification Preparation2
CNET 62Network+ Certification Preparation2
CNET 64Server+ Certification Preparation2
CNET 66Security+ Certification Preparation2
ELEC 11Technical Applications in Microcomputers3
ELEC 50AElectronic Circuits - Direct Current (DC)4
ELEC 50BElectronic Circuits (AC)4
ELEC 56Digital Electronics4
TECH 60Customer Relations for the Technician2
Total Units45

Program Learning Outcomes

Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

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