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Advisory An advisory is a course which is advised, but not required, to be taken either before or in conjunction with enrollment in a course.
Associate Degree Associate in Science degrees and Associate in Arts degrees in Liberal Arts and Sciences with Emphases are referred to as Associate degrees.
Certificate of Achievement Certificates of Achievement are certificates of at least 18 units.
Corequisite A corequisite is a course which is required to be taken simultaneously in order to enroll in another course.
Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID) The Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID) is a statewide numbering system independent from the course numbers assigned by local California community colleges. A C-ID number next to a course signals that participating California colleges and universities have determined that courses offered by other California community colleges are comparable in content and scope to courses offered on their own campuses, regardless of their unique titles or local course number. Thus, if a schedule of classes or catalog lists a course bearing a C-ID number, for example ENGL 100, students at that college can be assured that it will be accepted in lieu of a course bearing the C-ID ENGL 100 designation at another community college. In other words, the C-ID designation can be used to identify comparable courses at different community colleges. However, students should always go to to confirm how each college's course will be accepted at a particular four-year college or university for transfer credit. The C-ID numbering system is useful for students attending more than one community college and is applied to many of the transferable courses students need as preparation for transfer. Because these course requirements may change and because courses may be modified and qualified for or deleted from the C-ID database, students should always check with a counselor to determine how C-ID designated courses fit into their educational plans for transfer. Students may consult the ASSIST database at for specific information on C-ID course designations. Counselors are also available in the Counseling Center to help students interpret this information.
CSU Transfer Courses designated "CSU" are baccalaureate level and will transfer to all of the California State Universities and count toward graduation at Mt. San Antonio College.
Eligibility In listing a prerequisite for enrolling in a course, an "eligibility" may also be listed. An eligibility requirement specifies the course level the student must qualify to enroll in–not that the course has to be completed prior to enrollment. For example, the prerequisite "eligibility for English 68" requires that the student must qualify to enroll in English 68 in order to enroll in the particular course.
Not Degree Applicable Courses designated "Degree Applicable" are college-level classes which are a part of an associate degree or certificate program.
Prerequisite A prerequisite is a course which must be taken as preparation for enrolling in another course.
Skills Certificate Skills Certificates are certificates of less than 18 units.
Transfer Degree Associate in Arts for Transfer and Associate in Science for Transfer are referred to as Transfer degrees.
UC Credit for Kinesiology Activity Courses A maximum of four semester units of UC Credit will be awarded for Kinesiology Activity Courses. Courses of a vocational nature will not be awarded UC credit.
UC Credit Limitation UC limits credit for some courses. Students contemplating transfer to UC should consult with a counselor or advisor and review for course credit limitations and changes.
UC Transfer Courses Designated "UC" are baccalaureate level and will transfer to all of the University of California campuses and California State Universities, and will count toward graduation at Mt. San Antonio College.

Course Prefix Listing

Course Prefix Listing Department
AD Alcohol Drug Counseling
ADJU Administration of Justice: Law Enforcement
AERO Aeronautics
AGAG Agriculture: General Subjects
AGAN Agriculture: Animal Science - General
AGHE Agriculture: Animal Health Technology
AGLI Agriculture: Livestock Production
AGOR Agriculture: Ornamental Horticulture
AGPE Agriculture: Pet Science
AIRC Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
AIRM Aircraft Maintenance Technology
AIRT Air Traffic Control
AMLA American Language
ANAT Anatomy & Physiology
ANTH Anthropology
ARAB Arabic
ARCH Architectural Technology
ANIM Art: Animation
ARTB Art: Basic Studio Arts
ARTC ART: Graphic Design and Illustration
ARTG Art: Gallery & Professional Practices
ARTZ Art: Special Studio Arts
ARTS Art: Three-Dimensional Studio Arts
ARTD Art: Two-Dimensional Studio Arts
AHIS Art History
ASTR Astronomy
BIOL Biology
BTNY Botany
BUSA Business: Accounting
BUSC Business: Economics
BUSL Business Law
BUSM Business: Management
BUSO Business: Business Communications
BUSR Business: Real Estate
BUSS Business: Sales, Merchandising & Marketing
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CHLD Child Development
CISB Computer Information Systems: Beginning
CISD Computer Information Systems: Database
CISM Computer Information Systems: Management
CISN Computer Information Systems: Networking
CISP Computer Information Systems: Programming
CISS Computer Information Systems: Security
CISW Computer Information Systems: Web Applications
CNET Computer and Networking Technology
COUN Counseling
CSCI Computer Science
DN-T Dance: Theory
DNCE Dance: Activity
DSPS Disabled Students
EDUC Education
ECT Engineering Construction Technology
EDT Engineering Design Technology
ELEC Electronics
EMS Emergency Medical Service
EMT Emergency Medical Technician
ENGL English: Composition
ENGR Engineering
EST Electronics Systems Technology
FCS Family & Consumer Sciences
FASH Fashion Merchandising & Design
FIRE Fire Technology
FRCH French
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
GERM German
HIST History
HRM Hospitality & Restaurant Management
HT Histotechnology
HUMA Humanities
ID Interior Design
IDE Industrial Design Engineering
ITAl Italian
JAPN Japanese
JOUR Journalism
KIN Kinesiology: Theory
KIN-A Kinesiology: Aquatics
KIN-F Kinesiology: Fitness
KIN-I Kinesiology: Individual
KIN-L Kinesiology: Adaptive
KIN-S Kinesiology: Team Sport
KIN-X Kinesiology: Athletics
LATN Latin
LCOM Learning Communities
LEAD Leadership
LERN Learning Assistance
LIBR Library & Instructional Media
LIT English: Literature
MATH Mathematics
MEDI Medical Terrminology
MICR Microbiology
MUS Music
NF Nutrition & Food
NURS Nursing
OCEA Oceanography
PHIL Philosophy
PHOT Photography
PHSC Physical Science
PHYS Physics
PLGL Business: Paralegal
POLI Political Science
PSYC Psychology
PUBH Public Health
R-TV Radio & Television
RAD Radiologic Technology
READ Reading
RESD Respiratory Theory
SIGN Sign Language & Interpreting
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SPCH Speech
STDY Study Techniques
SURV Surveying
TECH Technology-Related Courses
THTR Theater Arts
TUTR Tutor Training
WELD Welding
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