Disabled Students (DSPS)

DSPS ELL01  Lifelong Learning for the Special Needs Population

0 Units
Lab: 70-315

Educational activities for special needs students emphasizing physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skill development.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Spring 202243679DSPS:ELL01M9:00am - 11:50amL. Espinoza RodriguezONLINE-XXXX
Spring 202243681DSPS:ELL01F8:55am - 12:00pmA. Ndirangu-MwathiNotEntered-XXXX
F9:00am - 10:15amA. Ndirangu-MwathiNotEntered-XXXX
Spring 202243682DSPS:ELL01W9:00am - 11:50amA. Ndirangu-MwathiONLINE-XXXX
Spring 202243683DSPS:ELL01T8:55am - 12:00pmK. ZapataONLINE-XXXX
Spring 202243684DSPS:ELL01R8:45am - 11:50amK. ZapataONLINE-XXXX
Spring 202243735DSPS:ELL01R1:00pm - 3:05pmB. Ramirez Catalan40-119
Spring 202243736DSPS:ELL01M1:00pm - 3:50pmK. Zapata40-126
Spring 202243737DSPS:ELL01M9:00am - 11:50amK. ZapataLV-XXXX
Spring 202243738DSPS:ELL01W9:00am - 11:50amK. ZapataLV-XXXX
Spring 202243739DSPS:ELL01M9:00am - 11:50amA. Ndirangu-MwathiSD-XXXX
Spring 202243740DSPS:ELL01R9:00am - 11:50amL. Espinoza RodriguezWPCC-XXXX
Spring 202243741DSPS:ELL01T9:00am - 11:50amA. Ndirangu-MwathiWPCC-XXXX

DSPS ESL25  Language Development for Deaf Students in ASL and ESL

0 Units
Lab: 108

Language development for Deaf or hard-of-hearing students. Includes written English, ESL and ASL.

DSPS ESL26  Language Enhancement for Deaf Students in ASL and ESL

0 Units
Lab: 108

Language enhancement for Deaf or hard-of-hearing students. Intermediate skills in written ESL and ASL.

DSPS IAEP  Interacting with Emergency Personnel and Authorities

0 Units
Lecture: 64   

Prepares students with disabilities to interact with emergency personnel including law enforcement. Overview of the criminal justice system and reporting victimization.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Spring 202243927DSPS:IAEPF9:00am - 11:50amY. CardonaLV-XXXX
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