Disabled Students (DSPS)

DSPS ELL01  Lifelong Learning for the Special Needs Population

0 Units
Lab: 70-315

Educational activities for special needs students emphasizing physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skill development.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Spring 202143292DSPS:ELL01T2:30pm - 3:45pmB. Ramirez CatalanONLINE-XXXX
Spring 202143293DSPS:ELL01M1:00pm - 3:50pmS. StroebelONLINE-XXXX
Spring 202143294DSPS:ELL01T8:55am - 12:00pmK. ZapataONLINE-XXXX
Spring 202143295DSPS:ELL01R8:45am - 11:50amK. ZapataONLINE-XXXX
Spring 202143296DSPS:ELL01F8:55am - 12:00pmA. Ndirangu-MwathiONLINE-XXXX
Spring 202143297DSPS:ELL01M8:55am - 12:00pmK. ZapataONLINE-XXXX

DSPS ESL25  Language Development for Deaf Students in ASL and ESL

0 Units
Lab: 108

Language development for Deaf or hard-of-hearing students. Includes written English, ESL and ASL.

DSPS ESL26  Language Enhancement for Deaf Students in ASL and ESL

0 Units
Lab: 108

Language enhancement for Deaf or hard-of-hearing students. Intermediate skills in written ESL and ASL.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Spring 202143783DSPS:ESL26TR9:45am - 12:50pmR. MahlerONLINE-XXXX

DSPS IAEP  Interacting with Emergency Personnel and Authorities

0 Units
Lecture: 64   

Prepares students with disabilities to interact with emergency personnel including law enforcement. Overview of the criminal justice system and reporting victimization.

DSPS LRND1  Clinical Speech Instruction

0 Units
Lab: 1-48

Designed for Mt. SAC students with acquired brain injury. Specialized instruction to improve speech (articulator movement, motor planning) language (expressive, receptive) and cognition (attention, memory, reasoning) needed to achieve academic and vocational goals. Note: Students must make an appointment with the instructor, have acquired the injury after the age of 12, and have completed any services through the public school system in order to be eligible to register for this class.

DSPS LRND2  High Tech Center: Assistive Technology and Academic Strategies

0 Units
Lab: 1

Technology and academic strategies to assist students in accessing information and completing credit class assignments. Students should be registered with DSPS and enrolled in at least 3 academic units.

DSPS LRND3  Acquired Brain Injury Intervention

0 Units
(May be taken for Pass/No Pass only)
Lab: 64

Designed for students who have been accepted into the Acquired Brain Injury Program at Mt. SAC. Specialized instruction and the use of computer software to improve cognitive skills (attention, memory, reasoning, etc) needed for academic and vocational goals.Note: Students must see a brain injury specialist in Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSP&S), have acquired their injury after the age of 12, and have finished with any services through the public school system in order to be eligible to register in this class.

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