Latina/o/x and Chicana/o/x American Studies (LCAS)

LCAS 1  Introduction to Chicanx Studies

3 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU, UC)
Lecture: 54   

An introductory survey to disciplinary analysis of the historical, socio-political, economic, educational, cultural experiences, conditions, and influence related to the Chicanx population in the United States. This course examines key topics such as: Colonization, racialization, ethnicity, indigeneity, internal colonialism, sovereignty, (im)migration, citizenship, discrimination, assimilation, stratification, resistance, liberation movements, self-determination, creative and cultural production, and the intersection of racial, ethnic, gender, sexual identities.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202229206LCAS:1MW9:45am - 11:10amA. Salinger26A-2610
Fall 202229207LCAS:1MW11:30am - 12:55pmNotEntered-XXXX
Fall 202229208LCAS:1MW1:15pm - 2:40pmNotEntered-XXXX
Fall 202229209LCAS:1TR9:45am - 11:10amA. Salinger26A-3881
Fall 202229210LCAS:1TR1:15pm - 2:40pmA. Salinger26A-3881
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