Histotechnology (HT)

HT 1  Introduction to Histotechnology

1 Unit (Degree Applicable)
Lecture: 18   
Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 1A

The role of histotechnicians in preparation and analysis of tissues samples for diagnostic and research purposes. Internet resources, support organizations and periodical references for histotechnicians, as well as regulatory agencies. Set up of an educational plan and portfolio to be used throughout the program.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202229189HT:1TR1:15pm - 2:20pmJ. Mac Donald60-2512

HT 2  Scientific Basics for Histotechnicians

3 Units (Degree Applicable)
Lecture: 54   
Prerequisite: CHEM 10 or CHEM 40 or CHEM 50 or CHEM 50H (may be taken concurrently)

General laboratory issues including general laboratory protocols (GLP's), safety, ethics, and terminology relative to the preparation of tissue samples.

HT 10  Histology

3 Units (Degree Applicable)
Lecture: 36   Lab: 54
Prerequisite: ANAT 35

Microscopy, cell structure, cell reproduction, and staining. Identification of tissues, organs, and special microstructures, and their detailed morphology. Involves distinguishing normal features from pathological conditions..

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202225501HT:10TR9:45am - 10:50amJ. Mac Donald60-2512
TR11:30am - 12:55pmJ. Mac Donald60-2512

HT 12  Beginning Histotechniques

5 Units (Degree Applicable)
Lecture: 54   Lab: 108
Prerequisite: HT 1 and HT 2
Advisory: MICR 1 or MICR 22

Theory and practical applications and skill-building in tissue fixation, processing, embedding, sectioning, microtomy, hematoxylin-eosin staining (H&E), and microorganism staining. Quality control as it relates to routine histological techniques and equipment.

HT 14  Advanced Histotechniques

5 Units (Degree Applicable)
Lecture: 54   Lab: 108
Prerequisite: HT 12

Practical applications of special stains for carbohydrates, amyloid, connective tissues, muscle and nervous tissues, including silver stains. Introduction to frozen sections, cytology preparation, and microwave technology. Field trip required.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202225516HT:14MW9:45am - 11:10amJ. Mac Donald60-2512
MW11:30am - 2:40pmJ. Mac Donald60-2512

HT 16  Histochemistry and Immunohistochemistry

4 Units (Degree Applicable)
Lecture: 54   Lab: 54
Prerequisite: HT 10 and HT 12

Practical applications of enzyme and immunological reactions as they relate to tissue staining. Field trip required.

HT 17  Work Experience in Histotechnology

1-4 Units (Degree Applicable)
(May be taken for Pass/No Pass only)
Lab: 60-300
Prerequisite: HT 12 and compliance with Work Experience regulations as designated in the College Catalog

Provides histotechnology students with actual on-the-job experience in an approved work setting which is related to classroom instruction. A minimum of 75 paid or 60 non-paid clock hours per semester of supervised work is required for each unit of credit. It is recommended that the hours per week be equally distributed throughout the semester. Students who repeat this course will improve skills through further instruction and practice. Placement by Program Director.

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