Computer Information Systems: Beginning (CISB)

CISB 10  Office Skills

3 Units (Degree Applicable)
Lecture: 54   

Skills necessary to work in an office setting including: alpha and numeric keyboarding, email etiquette and standards, electronic calendaring, ten-key, composing, formatting and storing business documents, and telephone techniques.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202225824CISB:10M7:00pm - 10:10pmJ. SyiemONLINE-SYNCH

CISB 11  Computer Information Systems

3.5 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU, UC, C-ID #: BUS 140, ITIS 120)
UC Credit Limitation

Lecture: 54   Lab: 27

Overview of computer information systems including computer hardware, software, networking, programming, databases, Internet, security, systems analysis, ethics, and problem solving using business applications.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202225830CISB:11MW9:45am - 11:10amB. Andrews78-2100
MW11:20am - 12:10pmB. Andrews78-2100
Fall 202225835CISB:11MW11:30am - 12:55pmP. Chiu78-2120
MW1:05pm - 1:55pmP. Chiu78-2120
Fall 202225840CISB:11TR9:45am - 11:10amJ. Cantus79-2280
TR11:20am - 12:10pmJ. Cantus79-2280
Fall 202228868CISB:11MW8:00am - 9:25amJ. Cantus79-2260
MW9:35am - 10:25amJ. Cantus79-2260

CISB 15  Microcomputer Applications

3.5 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU, UC)
Lecture: 54   Lab: 27

Windows operating system (OS) and applications, simple business examples using up-to-date browser, word processing, spreadsheet, database management and presentation software, and integration of software applications.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202228870CISB:15W7:00pm - 10:10pmJ. Blyzka78-2100
Fall 202228871CISB:15TR9:45am - 11:10amS. Zaki79-2260
TR11:20am - 12:10pmS. Zaki79-2260

CISB 16  Macintosh Applications

2 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU)
Lecture: 27   Lab: 27

Macintosh operating system and related tools; creating files using office applications; storing and sharing files using iCloud.

CISB 21  Microsoft Excel

3 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU)
Lecture: 54   

Spreadsheet concepts using Microsoft Excel including formatting, formulas and functions, charts, linked worksheets, pivot tables, business intelligence, macros, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202225905CISB:21M7:00pm - 10:10pmNotEntered-XXXX

CISB 31  Microsoft Word

3 Units (Degree Applicable)
(May be taken for option of letter grade or Pass/No Pass)
Lecture: 54   

Word processing with Microsoft Word and its editing, formatting, and language tools to create, edit, and format business and publication documents. Includes creating flyers, newsletters, and other publication documents using advanced formatting techniques and tools.

CISB 51  Microsoft PowerPoint

3 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU)
Lecture: 54   

Using PowerPoint to plan, design, and produce effective presentations. Includes creating charts, diagrams, and storyboards; developing appropriate text content; and adding sound, animation, and movies.

CISB 60  Machine and Deep Learning in Business

3.5 Units (Degree Applicable)
Lecture: 54   Lab: 27
Prerequisite: CISD 41
Advisory: CISP 71

A broad introduction to machine learning and deep learning algorithms and their implementation to solve real-world business problems. Includes end-to-end process of investigating data through a machine learning lens and discuss how to extract and identify useful features that best represent your data and evaluate the performance of different machine learning algorithms. Topics include: supervised learning (linear regression, logistic regression, support vector machines, k-nearest neighbors, decision trees, random forest, and gradient boosted tree); unsupervised learning (clustering, dimensionality reduction, kernel methods). Covers building deep learning prediction models of different complexities, from simple linear logistic regression to major categories of neural networks including convolutional neural networks (CNNs). Is structured around special coding blueprint approaches no mathematical complexities. The major goal of the course is to gain an immense amount of valuable hands-on experience with real-world business challenges.

CISB 63  Natural Language Processing in Business

3.5 Units (Degree Applicable)
Lecture: 54   Lab: 27
Prerequisite: CISB 60

To learn natural language processing and its application in business. Regular expressions. Tokenization and text normalization. Part of speech tagging and grammar parsing. Extracting named entities from text. Feature engineering for text using count vector and term frequency-inverse document frequency (TF-IDF) representations of text. Mastering the art of text cleaning. Semantics and sentiment analysis. Interpreting patterns from text using laten Dirichlet allocation (LDA) and non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) topic models. Text generation with long short term memory algorithm. Creating chatbots.

CISB 81  Work Experience in Office Technology

1-4 Units (Degree Applicable)
(May be taken for Pass/No Pass only)
Lab: 60-300
Prerequisite: Compliance with Work Experience regulations as designated in the College Catalog

Provides students with actual on-the-job experience in an approved worksite, which is related to classroom-based learning. A minimum of 75 paid clock hours or 60 nonpaid clock hours per semester of supervised work is required for each one unit of credit. It is recommended that the hours per week be equally distributed throughout the semester. Work experience placement is not guaranteed, but assistance is provided.

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