Anatomy & Physiology (ANAT)

ANAT 10A  Introductory Human Anatomy

4 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU, UC, C-ID #: BIOL 110B)
UC Credit Limitation

Lecture: 54   Lab: 54
Advisory: BIOL 1

Macroscopic and microscopic structures of the human body. Emphasis on cell structures, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive, excretory, endocrine, and reproductive systems. Comparison of normal, aging, and diseased structures.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202225435ANAT:10AMW11:30am - 12:55pmE. Meyer11-2406
M8:00am - 11:10amE. Meyer60-2503
Fall 202225437ANAT:10AMW11:30am - 12:55pmE. Meyer11-2406
W8:00am - 11:10amE. Meyer60-2503
Fall 202225453ANAT:10AMW3:00pm - 4:25pmS. Fanai-Khayat11-2406
M11:30am - 2:40pmS. Fanai-Khayat60-2503
Fall 202225454ANAT:10AMW3:00pm - 4:25pmS. Fanai-Khayat11-2406
W11:30am - 2:40pmS. Fanai-Khayat60-2503
Fall 202225455ANAT:10ATR11:30am - 12:55pmW. Hewson11-2406
T8:00am - 11:10amW. Hewson60-2503
Fall 202225456ANAT:10ATR11:30am - 12:55pmW. Hewson11-2406
R8:00am - 11:10amW. Hewson60-2503
Fall 202225457ANAT:10ATR3:00pm - 4:25pmL. Rosa Jr11-2406
T11:30am - 2:40pmL. Rosa Jr60-2503
Fall 202225458ANAT:10ATR3:00pm - 4:25pmL. Rosa Jr11-2406
R11:30am - 2:40pmL. Rosa Jr60-2503
Fall 202225459ANAT:10ATR5:15pm - 6:40pmJ. Rule11-2406
T7:00pm - 10:10pmJ. Rule60-2503
Fall 202225460ANAT:10ATR5:15pm - 6:40pmJ. Rule; C. Wilson11-2406
R7:00pm - 10:10pmJ. Rule; C. Wilson60-2503
Fall 202225461ANAT:10AF8:00am - 11:35amS. Chang60-2503
F12:30pm - 4:05pmS. Chang60-2503
Fall 202229486ANAT:10AS8:00am - 11:35amE. Meyer60-2503
S12:30pm - 4:05pmE. Meyer60-2503

ANAT 10B  Introductory Human Physiology

4 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU, UC, C-ID #: BIOL 120B)
UC Credit Limitation

Lecture: 54   Lab: 54
Prerequisite: ANAT 10A or ANAT 35
Advisory: (CHEM 10 or CHEM 40) and BIOL 1

Integrated study of the function of and interaction between the skeletal, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive, excretory (including electrolyte and acid-base balance), endocrine, and reproductive systems (including human genetics and embryology).

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202225463ANAT:10BTR9:45am - 11:10amC. Wright7-1104
T11:30am - 2:40pmC. Wright60-2515
Fall 202225464ANAT:10BTR9:45am - 11:10amC. Wright7-1104
R11:30am - 2:40pmC. Wright60-2515
Fall 202225465ANAT:10BTR1:15pm - 2:40pmV. Wong Ng11-2402
T3:00pm - 6:10pmV. Wong Ng60-2515
Fall 202225466ANAT:10BTR1:15pm - 2:40pmV. Wong Ng; C. Wright11-2402
R3:00pm - 6:10pmV. Wong Ng; C. Wright60-2515
Fall 202225467ANAT:10BTR4:45pm - 6:10pmA. Lopez; E. Meyer11-2402
T6:30pm - 9:40pmA. Lopez; E. Meyer60-2515
F9:45am - 12:55pmB. Fernandez Lango60-2515

ANAT 35  Human Anatomy

5 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU, UC)
UC Credit Limitation

Lecture: 54   Lab: 108
Prerequisite: BIOL 1 or BIOL 4 or BIOL 4H

Study of the anatomy of the human body. The development, structure and components of organ systems of the body will be studied at the gross and histological levels. Laboratory study will include the use of human anatomical models and human skeletons as well as the observation of prosected human cadavers and prepared histology slides.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202225861ANAT:35MW1:15pm - 2:40pmA. Chamberlain11-2406
MW8:00am - 11:10amA. Chamberlain60-2511
Fall 202226057ANAT:35MW9:45am - 11:10amM. Presch7-1104
MW11:30am - 2:40pmM. Presch60-2511
Fall 202226058ANAT:35MW9:45am - 11:10amM. Presch7-1104
MW3:00pm - 6:10pmM. Presch60-2511
Fall 202226059ANAT:35TR11:30am - 12:55pmV. Pascoe7-1104
TR8:00am - 11:10amV. Pascoe60-2511
Fall 202226061ANAT:35TR11:30am - 12:55pmV. Pascoe7-1104
TR3:00pm - 6:10pmV. Pascoe60-2511
Fall 202226062ANAT:35TR9:45am - 11:10amE. Meyer; M. Presch11-2406
TR11:30am - 2:40pmE. Meyer; M. Presch60-2511
Fall 202226064ANAT:35MW5:15pm - 6:40pmS. Ayad7-1205
MW7:00pm - 10:10pmS. Ayad60-2511

ANAT 36  Human Physiology

5 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU, UC)
UC Credit Limitation

Lecture: 54   Lab: 108
Prerequisite: (BIOL 1 or BIOL 4 or BIOL 4H) and ANAT 35 and (CHEM 10 or CHEM 40)

Human physiology at the cellular and molecular levels covering muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, renal, digestive, endocrine, and reproductive systems. Includes regulation and integration of organ systems where appropriate.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202225479ANAT:36MW8:00am - 11:10amV. Pascoe60-2515
MW1:15pm - 2:40pmV. Pascoe11-2402
Fall 202225491ANAT:36MW9:45am - 11:10amC. Wright7-1120
MW11:30am - 2:40pmC. Wright60-2515
Fall 202225496ANAT:36TR11:30am - 12:55pmA. Chamberlain7-1120
TR8:00am - 11:10amA. Chamberlain60-2515

ANAT 38  Pathophysiology

3 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU, UC)
Lecture: 54   
Prerequisite: (ANAT 10B or ANAT 36) and (MICR 1 or MICR 22)

Alterations in homeostasis and cellular function and diseases of bodily systems. Emphasis is placed on a comparison between disease states and structure and function in healthy individuals.

ANAT 40A  Human Prosection

2 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU)
Lab: 108
Prerequisite: ANAT 35

Techniques for human prosection. Regional exploration of superficial and deep human muscles at the gross level. Students can only earn the Human Prosection Certificate by taking ANAT 40A and ANAT 40B.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202226197ANAT:40ATR3:00pm - 6:10pmC. Rexach; M. Presch60-2503A

ANAT 40B  Human Prosection

2 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU)
Lab: 108
Prerequisite: ANAT 40A

Techniques for human prosection. Regional exploration of the human organ systems at the gross level with emphasis on the organs, blood vessels and nerves of the body cavities.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202226158ANAT:40BTR3:00pm - 6:10pmC. Rexach60-2503A

ANAT 99  Special Projects in Anatomy

2 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU)
Lecture: 36   
Prerequisite: Approved Independent Study Learning Contract

Offers selected students recognition for their academic interest in anatomy and the opportunity to explore the discipline of anatomy in greater depth. The content of the course and the methods of study vary from semester to semester and depend on the particular project under consideration. Instructor's authorization is required to enroll in this course.

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