African American/Black Studies (AABS)

AABS 1  Introduction to Black Studies

3 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU)
Lecture: 54   

This interdisciplinary survey course broadly and deeply approaches the heterogeneous experience of Black life in the United States through analysis of the historical, political, social, economic, educational, and cultural experiences and expressions of Black people. This course is largely constructed around the words and voices used by Black people to inspire, and effect change in the United States. Key topics covered are: African Origins, African Diaspora, colonization, race, racialization, anti-Black racism, identity, white supremacy, power, slavery, education, mass incarceration, cultural expression, Jim Crow, migration, Civil Rights, Black Empowerment, Black Feminist discourse, Black Queer discourse, resistance, equity, self-determination, decolonization, liberation movements, and the intersection of racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual identities.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 202229204AABS:1TR1:15pm - 2:40pmM. Stewart-Thomas26A-2690
Fall 202229205AABS:1R7:00pm - 10:10pmM. Stewart-Thomas26A-2690

AABS 35  African American/Black Politics

3 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU, UC)
Lecture: 54   
Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENGL 1A or ENGL 1AH or ENGL 1AM or AMLA 1A

Methods and strategies employed by African American and Black American populations in their quest to gain equal access and participation in American institutions. Students may not earn credit for both AABS 35 and POLI 35.

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