Work Experience Education

Student Qualifications

Students participating in Work Experience Education must:

  1. Have the approval of the assigned work experience professor.
  2. Have an occupational or educational goal to which, in the opinion of the professor, the work experience chosen will contribute.
  3. Pursue a planned program of work experience education based on written, measurable learning objectives which are directly related to the student’s educational program and which, in the opinion of the professor, include new or expanded responsibilities or learning opportunities beyond those experienced during previous employment. Repetition of experiences in an ongoing job does not guarantee continued eligibility for the program.
  4. Meet the following condition if self-employed: Identify a person who is approved by the professor to serve as a designated employer representative. This representative shall agree, in writing, to accept the following employer responsibilities:
    1. Assist the student in identifying new or expanded on-the-job learning objectives.
    2. Assist in the evaluation of the student’s identified on-the-job learning objectives.
    3. Validate hours worked.


For the satisfactory completion of work experience education, the College will grant credit to a student in an amount not to exceed four (4) units per semester, with a maximum total of sixteen (16) units during the student’s enrollment at the College. A minimum of 75 paid clock hours or 60 non-paid clock hours per semester of supervised work is required for each one unit of credit.

The student must be, as verified by the supervising professor, enrolled in an occupational program directly related to the work experience assignment.

The student enrolled in the work experience education program shall assume and comply with the following responsibilities:

  1. Unless otherwise determined, develop measurable learning objectives approved by the professor and work site supervisor.
  2. If under the age of 18, obtain the written permission of their parents.
  3. Faithfully discharge the duties of the on-the-job assignment.
  4. Notify the professor of any work site problems or change in status of duties.
  5. Try at all times to represent themselves and the College positively while at the work site.
  6. If, prior to enrolling in work experience education, the student is already employed full time by the work site where the work experience will take place, the student must write a report concerning a learning objective that extended beyond the duties of the regular job.
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