Photography - Level II

Arts Division
Certificate T0349

This multi-level certificate program is designed to prepare students for employment in the field of photography. This Photography Level II certificate offers additional expertise for students to develop specific skills needed for employment in photography, art, cinema/animation, communications, industrial arts, graphics, and journalism.

Required Courses

Course PrefixCourse NameUnits
Completion of the Photography - Level I coursework21
Completion of the Photography - Level II coursework13
Total Units34
Course PrefixCourse NameUnits
Photography - Level I Coursework
PHOT 9Digital Image Editing for Photographers3
PHOT 10Basic Digital and Film Photography3
PHOT 11AIntermediate Photography3
PHOT 11BDigital Capture Workflow3
PHOT 14Commercial Lighting3
PHOT 20Color Photography3
Choose one from the following:3
Photographic Alternatives
Fashion and Editorial Portrait Photography
Portraiture and Wedding Photography
Total Units21
Course PrefixCourse NameUnits
Photography - Level II Coursework
Choose one from the following:1
Laboratory Studies: Beginning Black and White Photography
Laboratory Studies: Advanced Black and White Photography
Laboratory Studies: Studio Photography
Laboratory Studies: Computer Applications in Photography
PHOT 17Photocommunication3
or PHOT 30 Advertising Photography
PHOT 28Photography Portfolio Development3
PHOT 29Studio Business Practices for Commercial Artists3
PHOT 24Advanced Digital Image Editing for Photographers3
or PHOT 26 Video for Photographers
Total Units13

Recommended Electives

Course PrefixCourse NameUnits
AHIS 1Understanding the Visual Arts3
or ARTB 1 Understanding the Visual Arts
PHOT 15History of Photography3

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Program Learning Outcomes

Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

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