Assessment and Placement

Students attending Mt. San Antonio College are required to participate in assessment. The assessment and placement process has been established to enable all students an opportunity to achieve probable success in their course work. In addition, the process allows the faculty to instruct their courses at an appropriate level with the knowledge that students will be reasonably prepared. For more information, visit assessment.

Placement Tests

Placement tests are required for appropriate course placement. Students take placement exams for Math, English, Chemistry and Reading courses. Advanced level math placement exams should be taken when applicable to the student’s academic background and intended program of study.

Test Information Sessions

The sessions will prepare students to take the English and Math placement test and provide an opportunity for students to ask questions. The information sessions will also provide strategies and resources. For further information, contact the Assessment Center at (909) 274-4265 or visit assessment

English Placement

The College utilizes the Assessment of Written English (AWE) to evaluate students’ writing skills. Most students are required to have their English competency assessed prior to registration. Students will be given a writing prompt and the writing sample will be evaluated by at least two faculty members. Based on the faculty evaluation of the student’s writing skills, they are placed in one of the following categories:

  1. Eligible for English classes. Based on assessment results, students will be eligible for either ENGL 1A, ENGL 68, ENGL 67, or LERN 81.
  2. Eligible for AMLA writing courses (designed for students who are not fluent in the English language). Students may enroll in AMLA writing courses and continue enrolling in AMLA writing courses until they are eligible for ENGL 67 or ENGL 68.
  3. Eligible for ESL (English as Second Language) classes. Students may enroll in ESL adult education courses each semester until eligible for AMLA courses; then enroll in AMLA courses each semester until they are eligible for ENGL 67 or ENGL 68.

Students in any of the categories listed above may enroll in other courses for which they are eligible. Students with limited English skills are not prohibited from enrolling in vocational courses.

Placement in English Composition Classes
Students are placed in Composition classes as a result of appropriate scores on the Mt. SAC Assessment of Written English or equivalent prerequisite courses successfully completed (“C” or better) at other colleges that fulfill the Mt. SAC prerequisite for the respective course. Students with appropriate scores will be placed in Freshman Composition 1A. Students needing additional developmental work will be placed in ENGL 68 (Preparation for College Writing) or in both ENGL 67 (Writing Fundamentals) and ENGL 68 (Preparation for College Writing) (NO CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT). Depending upon initial placement into English courses, students are eligible for Freshman Composition (ENGL 1A) upon successful completion of ENGL 67 (Writing Fundamentals) and ENGL 68 (Preparation for College Writing). Students are encouraged to complete Freshman Composition 1A as early in their college program as possible.

Math Placement

The College utilizes a selection of assessment instruments to place students into math courses. Students take one of the math placement exams commensurate with their most recent, successful completion of Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Intermediate Algebra or Pre-Calculus.

Reading Placement

The College utilizes the Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) reading test to assess student reading skills. Based on the results of the reading test, the student will be placed in an appropriate reading course. Please be advised that the reading competency requirement for graduation can be met by attaining eligibility for READ 100.

Chemistry Placement

The College utilizes the California Chemistry Diagnostic Test to determine student readiness for CHEM 50. Students who pass the chemistry placement test will not be required to take chemistry prior to enrolling in CHEM 50.

Retest Policy

Students may repeat a test once every three months. Under certain extenuating circumstances and with approval of the Director of Assessment and Matriculation, a test may be repeated prior to the three-month limit.

Placement Test and Eligibility Time Limits

Placement test scores are valid for two years from the date the test was taken. Eligibility based on test placement is not valid after the two-year period. Eligibility based on previous coursework does not expire.

Test Scores and Placement from Other Colleges

Math and reading test scores will be accepted from other colleges if that college uses the same test as Mt. SAC. Test scores from other college English tests are not accepted. Mt. SAC does not accept placement granted at other colleges.

Appeals Process

Students may appeal their English and/or Math placement if they can demonstrate alternate proof of course equivalency or competency. If extenuating circumstances exist that may affect course placement, students may seek consultation in the appropriate division office. Students should be prepared to present documentation such as high school or college transcripts, additional test results, or work experience.

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