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The Mt. San Antonio College Nursing Program, approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, is a two-year program designed to prepare men and women to give direct nursing care to clients in various practice settings. The program consists of course work in nursing, science, general education, and clinical nursing practice at local hospitals and health agencies. Graduates of the program receive an Associate in Science Degree in Nursing and are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN examination leading to licensure as a Registered Nurse.

Enrollment in the Mt San Antonio Registered Nursing Program – Generic Option – is open to persons regardless of sex, age, marital status, disability, ethnic group, religion or national origin. Applications are accepted twice a year for the Fall and Spring semesters via on-line application process.

ADN General Education Requirements

All courses below must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. Due to the intensity of the program, students are highly encouraged to complete general education prior to admission into the program.

Course PrefixCourse NameUnits
PSYC 14Developmental Psychology 13
or CHLD 10 Child Growth and Lifespan Development
or CHLD 10H Child Growth and Lifespan Development- Honors
PSYC 1AIntroduction to Psychology 23
or PSYC 1AH Introduction to Psychology - Honors
SPCH 1APublic Speaking4
or SPCH 1AH Public Speaking - Honors
or SPCH 2 Fundamentals of Communication
or SPCH 8 Professional and Organizational Speaking
or SPCH 8H Professional and Organizational Speaking - Honors

1 - Must be completed before NURS 6.
2 - Must be completed before NURS 5.

Additional General Education Required for the Associate Degree

 (These requirements are waived for students who have a Bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution in the United States.)

Course PrefixCourse NameUnits
History or Political Science 13
Select one History or Political Science course 13
Select one course from the Arts area 13
Select one course from the Humanities area 13
Physical Well-Being Requirement
Select at least one of the physical education activity courses with the following prefixes: DNCE, KINA, KINF, KINI, KINL, KINS, or KINX.5-1
Intermediate Algebra
MATH 71Intermediate Algebra5
or MATH 71X Practical Intermediate Algebra
or MATH 71B Intermediate Algebra - Second Half
Reading Competency
Complete the requirement. 1

1 - See Mt. SAC Catalog for applicable courses.

Requirements for Nursing

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Units
NURS 1A The Nursing Process I 5
NURS 1B The Nursing Process II 5
NURS 2 Pharmacology 2
Semester 2
NURS 3 Medical-Surgical Nursing: Locomotion/Sensory/Integ/Oncology/Immu 3.5
NURS 4 Maternity Nursing 3
NURS 6 Pediatric Nursing 3
Semester 3
NURS 7 Medical-Surgical Nursing: Nutrition/Elimination/ Surgical Asepsis 7
NURS 5 Psychiatric Nursing 3
Semester 4
NURS 8 Medical-Surgical Nursing: Circulation and Oxygenation 5
NURS 9 Leadership in Nursing 1
NURS 10 Medical-Surgical Nursing: Integration/Regulation 4
NURS 11 Preceptorship in Nursing 2
 Total Units43.5

Requests for Equivalency

Request for equivalency for core sciences: courses must meet or exceed the 4.0 unit minimum with a laboratory component, as required by the California Community College Chancellor’s office. If you are uncertain whether a course taken inside or outside the California Community College system is equivalent to the Mt. SAC course, please contact the Nursing Educational Advisor Kathleen Clarke (

Foreign Course Work

Course work completed in another country may be accepted to satisfy requirements for graduation. Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a recognized foreign evaluation service. If you are selected as a candidate for the Nursing Program, please submit an official, sealed copy of the foreign evaluation during your counseling appointment.

High School Education or Equivalent

Applicants must provide proof of graduation from:

  1. An accredited high school in the United States by transcripts or diploma or;
  2. Documentation of a passing score on the General Education Development (GED) exam or;
  3. Associate degree, or Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education in the
    United States or;
  4. Official evaluation of international diploma/degree

Other Program Requirements

  1. Meet the minimum physical and mental qualifications to perform essential nursing functions (see Essential Functions).
  2. Criminal background check and drug screening must be completed prior to any patient contact.
  3. A physical examination, including specific immunization is required of all candidates prior to the beginning of nursing classes.
  4. Current Health Care Provider CPR certification

Requirements for the Associate Degree

Students must develop an education plan with a counselor or educational advisor to complete college academic requirements for the AS degree. Contact the Counseling Department at (909) 274-4380 to schedule an appointment.

Requirements for Nursing

Course PrefixCourse NameUnits
Required Nursing Courses
NURS 1AThe Nursing Process I5
NURS 1BThe Nursing Process II5
NURS 2Pharmacology2
NURS 3Medical-Surgical Nursing: Locomotion/Sensory/Integ/Oncology/Immu3.5
NURS 4Maternity Nursing3
NURS 5Psychiatric Nursing3
NURS 6Pediatric Nursing3
NURS 7Medical-Surgical Nursing: Nutrition/Elimination/ Surgical Asepsis7
NURS 8Medical-Surgical Nursing: Circulation and Oxygenation5
NURS 9Leadership in Nursing1
NURS 10Medical-Surgical Nursing: Integration/Regulation4
NURS 11Preceptorship in Nursing2
Required Prerequisite Courses for the Major
Select one of the following sequences:8-10
Human Anatomy
and Human Physiology
Introductory Human Physiology
and Introductory Human Anatomy
MICR 1Principles of Microbiology4-5
or MICR 22 Microbiology
ENGL 1AFreshman Composition4
or ENGL 1AH Freshman Composition - Honors
Other General Education Requirements
CHLD 10Child Growth and Lifespan Development 13
or CHLD 10H Child Growth and Lifespan Development- Honors
or PSYC 14 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 1AIntroduction to Psychology 23
or PSYC 1AH Introduction to Psychology - Honors
SPCH 1APublic Speaking4
or SPCH 1AH Public Speaking - Honors
or SPCH 2 Fundamentals of Communication
or SPCH 8 Professional and Organizational Speaking
or SPCH 8H Professional and Organizational Speaking - Honors
Total Units69.5-72.5
1CHLD 10 or PSYC 14 must be completed prior to entrance into NURS 6
2PSYC 1A must be completed prior to entrance into 

NOTE: Applicants planning to continue their education and enter a baccalaureate program in Nursing will need to meet with a counselor or educational adviser to discuss transferability of courses.

Nursing Website

Prerequisite Courses

Course PrefixCourse NameUnits
Human Anatomy, including a laboratory component.4
Human Physiology, including a laboratory component.4
Microbiology, including a laboratory component.4
ENGL 1AFreshman Composition 14

Minimum grade of C.

Non-course requirements

  1. An overall grade point average of 2.5 for the Human Anatomy, Human Physiology and Microbiology prerequisite courses with no grade less than a “C” for each course and no more than one repetition of any one of these courses.
  2. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 for all college coursework completed.
  3. Eligibility for MATH 71 Intermediate Algebra (Preferably MATH 71 or a college level math course completed).
  4. High school graduation or GED or academic degree from an accredited college/university in the United States.
  5. A physical examination, including specific immunizations is required of all candidates prior to the beginning of nursing classes.
  6. Current Healthcare Provider CPR certification.
  7. Criminal background check and drug screening must be completed prior to any patient contact.

Generic (Registered Nursing) Option Prerequisites Taken Prior to Entry

The following prerequisites must be completed prior to entering the Generic ADN Option. These courses cannot be in progress.

Course PrefixCourse NameUnits
ANAT 35Human Anatomy5
ANAT 10AIntroductory Human Anatomy4
ANAT 36Human Physiology5
ANAT 10BIntroductory Human Physiology4
MICR 1Principles of Microbiology5
MICR 22Microbiology4
ENGL 1AFreshman Composition4
or ENGL 1AH Freshman Composition - Honors

Steps for Applying to the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Generic Program

The application filing period does not begin until the announced application period. Two application periods in a year for enrollment of the Fall and Spring semesters. Applicants can prepare for the filing period by following the seven steps below.

  1. Get a Mt. SAC ID number (if you don’t already have one.) To do this, go to (Apply to Mt. SAC Now!). This can take up to two weeks to process. You need a Mt. SAC ID number in order to apply to the RN program. If you are a current or returning student and already have an ID number you do not need to apply again.
  2. Prerequisites and general education requirements. Prerequisites must be completed prior to applying to the Nursing Program. Due to the intensity of the Nursing Program, it is highly recommended that all general education requirements also be completed prior to entry.
  3. Review the multi-criteria screening process grid. This will help you determine your eligibility to enter the Nursing Program at Mt. SAC.
  4. Take the HESI A2 Assessment Test. Students who have taken the HESI at any location other than Mt.SAC can contact Elsevier Customer Services to request that their official HESI A2 results be sent directly to Mt. SAC’s Nursing Program.
  5. Gather ALL required documents. Using the multi-criteria screening form, compile all required supporting documentation. Documents need to be in PDF format or you may use an iPhone/iPad to upload pictures of documents.
  6. Apply online during the open application filing period. The online link will only be available during the application period. Please check on-line at for the application period. Applications will only be accepted during this time frame. You will need to upload your supporting documentation. Before submitting your application, you must review all uploaded documents to verify that the documents are legible and clear. Unreadable or inaccurate documents will result in the rejection of your application.
  7. Counseling Appointment: If you are selected as a candidate for the Nursing Program, you will need to make an appointment with a designated
    Nursing Educational Advisor or Counselor. During this appointment you will need to bring your official sealed transcripts for review.

All applicants are required to meet the essential functions for success in the nursing program.

Physical Demands

  • Perform prolonged, extensive, or considerable standing/walking, lifting positioning, pushing, and/or transferring patients
  • Possess the ability to perform fine motor movements with hands and fingers
  • Possess the ability for extremely heavy effort (lift/carry 50 lbs. or more)
  • Perform considerable reaching, stooping, bending, kneeling, and crouching

Sensory Demands

(May be corrected with adaptive devices)

  • Color vision: ability to distinguish and identify colors
  • Distance vision: ability to see clearly 20 feet or more
  • Depth perception: ability to judge distance and space relationships
  • Near vision: ability to see clearly 20 inches or less
  • Hearing: able to recognize a full range of tones

Working Environment

  • May be exposed to infectious and contagious disease, without prior notification
  • Regularly exposed to the risk of blood borne diseases
  • Exposed to hazardous agents, body fluids and wastes
  • Exposed to odorous chemicals and specimens
  • Subject to hazards of flammable, explosive gases
  • Subject to burns and cuts
  • Contact with patients having different religious, culture, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, psychological and physical disabilities, and under a wide variety of circumstances
  • Handle emergency or crisis situations
  • Subject to many interruptions
  • Requires judgment/action which could result in death of a patient
  • Exposed to products containing latex

English Language Skills

Although proficiency in English is not a criteria for admission into the nursing program, students are encouraged to be able to speak, write and read English to complete classes successfully and to ensure safety for themselves and for others.


The California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) protects the consumer by screening applicants for licensure in order to identify potentially unsafe practitioners. The BRN may deny applications for interim permits, temporary licenses, and permanent licensure, if the applicant has been found guilty of dishonesty, fraud or deceit, felony child abuse, sex offender crimes, acts involving narcotics, dangerous drugs or devices, assault and/or battery, and other crimes. Applicants who have questions regarding limitations related to licensure, should contact the California Board of Registered Nursing at (916) 322-3350 or access its website at

California Board of Registered Nursing
1747 North Market Boulevard, Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 322-3350 

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, a student will be able to:

  • Satisfy employers with the educational preparation of the Mt. SAC Nursing graduates.
  • Score above the national average on the comprehensive predictor exam.
  • Take the NCLEX exam for the 1st time and will cumulatively score above the national average.
  • Deliver safe and competent patient care as newly licensed registered nurses.

    Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.
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