Computer Science Transfer Program of Study

As a Computer Science major, success in your math and science courses are important.  You will need to complete:  calculus, physics and computer science courses.   UC and CSU schools require the completion of 60 transferable units that include English 1A, a critical thinking course, and for CSU transfer an oral communication class.  Engineering 1 is an excellent class to explore your options.

Completion of all of your general education (GE) may not be mandatory.  Working with a counselor is the best way to map out a transfer plan.  We highly recommend that you make an appointment with a counselor to develop an education plan that meets your needs.

The courses listed below are commonly required major preparation classes for this major at 4-year transfer institutions.  This is not a degree, but a list of course options for transfer. Required classes can vary, please visit the assist website for specific CSU and UC major prep classes.

Link to ASSIST Website

Common Major Prep Classes: 
Course Prefix Course Name Units
CISP 21Programming in Java3
CISP 21LProgramming in Java Laboratory0.5
CISP 31Programming in C++3
CISP 31LProgramming in C++ Laboratory0.5
CSCI 110Fundamentals of Computer Science3.5
CSCI 140C++ Language and Object Development4
CSCI 145Java Language and Object Oriented Programming4
CSCI 190Discrete Mathematics Applied to Computer Science4
CSCI 220Data Structures I3.5
CSCI 230Data Structures II3.5
MATH 180Calculus and Analytic Geometry4
MATH 181Calculus and Analytic Geometry4
MATH 260Linear Algebra3
MATH 280Calculus and Analytic Geometry5
MATH 285Linear Algebra and Differential Equations5
MATH 290Differential Equations4-4
PHYS 4AEngineering Physics5
PHYS 4BEngineering Physics5
PHYS 4CEngineering Physics5

General Education Patterns
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (UC/CSU)
California State University General Education (CSU)

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