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How to Complete a Certificate

Certificates of Completion

The School of Continuing Education offers short-term vocational certificates of completion in a few areas. Generally, these certificates can be completed anywhere between six weeks and six months. These certificates prepare students to work in certain fields and also serve as the first step in their career ladder to higher level positions requiring additional schooling.

How to Complete and Obtain a Certificate

In order for students to receive a Certificate of Completion, the student must complete the following:
  • Register for the desired courses (and pay material fees if applicable)
  • Satisfactorily complete coursework, papers, projects, take and pass all exams with the equivalent of a "C" grade as outlined by each individual course syllabus.
  • When all courses are completed, submit a request to the School of Continuing Education in Building 40, room 104.
  • The office will verify that all requirements have been met and prepare the Certificate of Completion for the student to pick up.
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