CSU/UC Cross Enrollment

California resident students at Mt. San Antonio College may enroll in one undergraduate course per term at a participating CSU or UC campus without formal admission and without payment of state university fees/tuition. To be eligible for cross-enrollment, students must:

  • have completed at least one term at Mt. SAC;
  • have at least a 2.0 GPA in all coursework completed;
  • have satisfied prerequisite(s) of the class in which they plan to enroll at CSU/UC;
  • be enrolled in at least six units at Mt. SAC;
  • and have paid their registration fees.

To apply for CSU/UC Cross Enrollment, students must complete the CSU/UC Cross Enrollment application. The form is available in the Transfer Center and online (Transfer).

California Independent Colleges and Universities

California’s fully-accredited independent colleges and universities provide many options at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels for students planning to continue their education beyond the community college. Admission requirements vary and are listed in the catalogs of the various universities and colleges.

For more information about California Independent Colleges and Universities, visit college/university websites, www.aiccu.edu, or Mt. SAC Transfer Services.

Out-of-State Colleges and Universities

Students may also consider transferring to colleges and universities in other states. Admission requirements vary by school. For more information, visit college/university websites or Mt. SAC Transfer Services.

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