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ESL WRTB  ESL - Writing B

0 Units
Lecture: 1-112   

Intermediate-level reading and writing using a variety of reading material and writing topics. Includes abridged book reports, process writing and peer editing, primarily at the paragraph level.

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TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Winter 201730836ESL:WRTBTR8:00am - 11:29amD. Schumaker40-140
Winter 201730837ESL:WRTBTR8:00am - 11:29amL. Foisia66-171
Winter 201730838ESL:WRTBTR8:00am - 11:29amK. Lee66-109
Winter 201730839ESL:WRTBTR8:00am - 11:29amS. Lundblade66-137
Winter 201730840ESL:WRTBTR8:00am - 11:29amA. Sunnaa66-118
Winter 201730841ESL:WRTBTR6:30pm - 9:59pmL. Giron66-171
Winter 201730842ESL:WRTBTR6:30pm - 9:59pmL. Foisia66-129
Winter 201730843ESL:WRTBTR6:30pm - 9:59pmJ. Kim66-101
Winter 201730844ESL:WRTBTR6:30pm - 9:59pmM. Danielsen66-109
Winter 201730845ESL:WRTBTR6:30pm - 9:59pmM. Goncalves66-186
Winter 201731630ESL:WRTBF10:30am - 12:59pmL. Jacob66-117
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