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ESL SPKB  ESL - Speaking B

0 Units
Lecture: 1-112   

Intermediate level English oral proficiency in areas of pronunciation, listening, comprehension and speaking. Focus on speaking with clarity and fluency, presenting ideas and opinions, and making cultural comparisons.

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TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Winter 201730791ESL:SPKBMW8:00am - 11:29amA. Im66-171
Winter 201730792ESL:SPKBMW8:00am - 11:29amM. Sanetrick66-181
Winter 201730793ESL:SPKBMW8:00am - 11:29amJ. Brink Diaz66-117
Winter 201730794ESL:SPKBMW8:00am - 11:29amA. Cheng66-120
Winter 201730795ESL:SPKBMW8:00am - 11:29amC. Chung40-140
Winter 201730796ESL:SPKBMW8:00am - 11:29amC. Yanuaria66-281
Winter 201730797ESL:SPKBMW6:30pm - 9:59pmA. Im66-125
Winter 201730798ESL:SPKBMW6:30pm - 9:59pmC. Johnson66-181
Winter 201730799ESL:SPKBMW6:32pm - 9:59pmR. Park66-105
Winter 201730800ESL:SPKBMW6:30pm - 9:59pmL. Giron66-171
Winter 201730801ESL:SPKBMW6:30pm - 9:59pmL. Jacob66-117
Winter 201731625ESL:SPKBF8:00am - 10:29amM. Toloui66-186
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