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VOC HTH01  Certified Nursing Assistant

0 Units
(May be taken four times for credit)
Lecture: 68   Lab: 102

Preparation to work in a skilled nursing facility and to pass the California Long-Term Care CNA exam.

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TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Winter 201731328VOC:HTH01W7:00am - 12:00pmS. AvilaOCAM-XXXX
W1:00pm - 5:00pmS. AvilaOCAM-XXXX
RF7:00am - 12:00pmS. AvilaOCAM-XXXX
RF1:00pm - 5:00pmS. AvilaOCAM-XXXX
Winter 201731329VOC:HTH01W7:00am - 12:00pmG. WillisOCAM-XXXX
W1:00pm - 5:00pmG. WillisOCAM-XXXX
RF7:00am - 12:00pmG. WillisOCAM-XXXX
RF1:00pm - 5:00pmG. WillisOCAM-XXXX
S7:00am - 12:00pmG. Willis; S. AvilaOCAM-XXXX
S1:00pm - 5:00pmG. Willis; S. AvilaOCAM-XXXX
Winter 201731617VOC:HTH01TWRF8:30am - 11:30amS. AvilaNotEntered-XXXX
TWRF12:00pm - 3:30pmS. AvilaNotEntered-XXXX

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...Nurse Assistant (CNA) Course Completion Only VOC HTH01 VOC HTH01 is offered for "course completion...

VOC: Certified Nursing and Acute Care Nursing Assistant

#24400 This certificate program will prepare participants to work in both long-term and acute care facilities thus providing entry level, diverse, work opportunities in the ever growing health care field. For those planning on entering LVN or RN programs, course content may increase chances for successful admission and completion of nursing program curriculum.
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