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ESL WRTA  ESL - Writing A

0 Units
Lecture: 1-112   

Beginning-level reading and writing skills using familiar topics and American customs. Focus is on combining sentences and learning vocabulary.

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TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Winter 201730824ESL:WRTATR8:00am - 11:29amG. Kim66-129
Winter 201730825ESL:WRTATR8:00am - 11:29amX. De Franco66-125
Winter 201730826ESL:WRTATR8:00am - 11:29amA. Belblidia66-101
Winter 201730827ESL:WRTATR8:00am - 11:29amB. Warner66-181
Winter 201730828ESL:WRTATR8:00am - 11:29amM. Mclaughlin66-283
Winter 201730829ESL:WRTATR8:00am - 11:29amL. Bishop40-119
Winter 201730830ESL:WRTATR6:30pm - 9:59pmG. Musser66-120
Winter 201730831ESL:WRTATR6:30pm - 9:59pmR. Park66-105
Winter 201730832ESL:WRTATR6:30pm - 9:59pmJ. Pham Xuan66-117
Winter 201730833ESL:WRTATR6:30pm - 9:59pmC. Rodriguez66-137
Winter 201731629ESL:WRTAF10:30am - 12:59pmG. Kim66-283
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