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ENGL 68  Preparation for College Writing

4 Units (Not Degree Applicable)
(May be taken for option of letter grade or Pass/No Pass)
Lecture: 72   
Prerequisite: ENGL 67 or AMLA 43W or satisfactory score on the English Placement Test

Development of the academic essay based on critical reading of texts. Reviews paragraph structure and introduces principles of documentation. Continues to develop critical thinking through reading of and writing about increasingly complex texts.

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TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Winter 201730385ENGL:68MTWR7:20am - 10:10amR. Piluso26A-3811
Winter 201730386ENGL:68MTWR7:20am - 10:10amL. Key Ketter26A-3620
Winter 201730387ENGL:68MTWR7:20am - 10:10amJ. Perez Gonzalez21A-2
Winter 201730388ENGL:68MTWR7:20am - 10:10amNotEntered-XXXX
Winter 201730389ENGL:68MTWR7:20am - 10:10amNotEntered-XXXX
Winter 201730390ENGL:68MTWR7:20am - 10:10amC. Hallsted26A-3841
Winter 201730391ENGL:68MTWR7:20am - 10:10amD. Vance26D-3491
Winter 201730392ENGL:68MTWR7:20am - 10:10amNotEntered-XXXX
Winter 201730393ENGL:68MTWR7:20am - 10:10amNotEntered-XXXX
Winter 201730394ENGL:68MTWR10:20am - 1:10pmS. Zeledon66-246
Winter 201730395ENGL:68MTWR10:20am - 1:10pmC. Hallsted26A-3841
Winter 201730396ENGL:68MTWR10:20am - 1:10pmM. Harper26A-3881
Winter 201730397ENGL:68MTWR10:20am - 1:10pmT. Karn26D-2210
Winter 201730398ENGL:68MTWR10:20am - 1:10pmK. Quintana-Mullane26A-3690
Winter 201730399ENGL:68MTWR10:20am - 1:10pmR. Piluso26A-3811
Winter 201730400ENGL:68MTWR10:20am - 1:10pmD. Holland40-133
Winter 201730468ENGL:68MTWR10:20am - 1:10pmJ. Perez Gonzalez21A-2
Winter 201730474ENGL:68MW10:20am - 1:10pmT. Horton26A-3871
Winter 201730475ENGL:68TR10:20am - 1:10pmS. Bartman26A-3821
Winter 201730476ENGL:68MW1:20pm - 4:10pmT. Horton26A-3871
Winter 201730477ENGL:68TR1:20pm - 4:10pmS. Bartman26A-3821
Winter 201730507ENGL:68MTWR10:20am - 1:10pmJ. Stefan26D-3280
Winter 201730514ENGL:68MTWR10:20am - 1:10pmM. Brandler26D-G471
Winter 201730531ENGL:68MTWR10:20am - 1:10pmD. Farve26D-3491
Winter 201730532ENGL:68MTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmD. Farve26A-3891
Winter 201730537ENGL:68MTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmNotEntered-XXXX
Winter 201730538ENGL:68MTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmT. Karn26D-2210
Winter 201730549ENGL:68MTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmK. Quintana-Mullane26A-3690
Winter 201730553ENGL:68MTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmD. Holland40-133
Winter 201730554ENGL:68MTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmC. Flores26A-3680
Winter 201730589ENGL:68MTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmNotEntered-XXXX
Winter 201730590ENGL:68MTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmM. Brandler26D-G471
Winter 201730591ENGL:68MTWR4:20pm - 7:10pmNotEntered-XXXX
Winter 201730592ENGL:68MTWR4:20pm - 7:10pmR. Myers26A-1871
Winter 201730605ENGL:68MTWR4:20pm - 7:10pmM. Trokkos26D-2210
Winter 201730606ENGL:68MTWR4:20pm - 7:10pmNotEntered-XXXX
Winter 201730613ENGL:68MTWR4:20pm - 7:10pmJ. Hight26D-3481
Winter 201730649ENGL:68MTWR4:20pm - 7:10pmC. Sanchez26D-3280
Winter 201730650ENGL:68MTWR7:20pm - 10:10pmR. Myers26A-1871
Winter 201730651ENGL:68MTWR7:20pm - 10:10pmM. Trokkos26D-2210
Winter 201730652ENGL:68MTWR7:20pm - 10:10pmL. Hight26A-3831
Winter 201730653ENGL:68MTWR7:20pm - 10:10pmE. Erickson26A-3891
Winter 201731150ENGL:68MTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmNotEntered-XXXX

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...will be eligible for either ENGL 1A , ENGL 68 , ENGL 67 , or LERN 81 . Eligible...

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