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ENGL 1A  Freshman Composition

4 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU, UC)
Lecture: 72   
Prerequisite: ENGL 68 or satisfactory score on the English Placement Test

Develops effective expository writing skills and investigates the principles and methods of composition as applied to the research process and the writing of essays. Emphasizes critical reading of academic material.

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TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Winter 201730354ENGL:1AMTWR7:20am - 10:10amC. Ramos26A-1871
Winter 201730355ENGL:1AMTWR7:20am - 10:10amNotEntered-XXXX
Winter 201730356ENGL:1AMTWR7:20am - 10:10amB. Lee26A-2841
Winter 201730357ENGL:1AMTWR10:20am - 1:10pmF. Gomez21H-1
Winter 201730358ENGL:1AMTWR10:20am - 1:10pmC. Ramos26A-1871
Winter 201730359ENGL:1AMTWR10:20am - 1:10pmB. Lee26A-2841
Winter 201730360ENGL:1AMTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmF. Gomez21H-1
Winter 201730361ENGL:1AMTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmJ. Ceniceroz26A-3670
Winter 201730362ENGL:1AMTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmD. Vance26A-3841
Winter 201730363ENGL:1AMTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmP. Redmon26A-1871
Winter 201730364ENGL:1AMTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmE. Muniz21H-2
Winter 201730365ENGL:1AMTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmH. Cascella26A-2821
Winter 201730366ENGL:1AMTWR4:20pm - 7:10pmJ. Ceniceroz26A-3670
Winter 201730367ENGL:1AMTWR4:20pm - 7:10pmD. Mullane26A-3871
Winter 201730471ENGL:1AMW7:20am - 10:10amJ. McFaul26A-3821
Winter 201730499ENGL:1AMTWR4:20pm - 7:10pmNotEntered-XXXX
Winter 201730506ENGL:1AMTWR4:20pm - 7:10pmG. Chandler26A-3680
Winter 201730512ENGL:1AMTWR4:20pm - 7:10pmH. Cascella26A-2821
Winter 201730513ENGL:1AMTWR4:20pm - 7:10pmP. Redmon26A-1811
Winter 201730568ENGL:1ATR10:20am - 1:10pmP. Arterburn26D-3481
Winter 201730569ENGL:1AMW10:20am - 1:10pmJ. McFaul26A-3821
Winter 201730570ENGL:1AMW10:20am - 1:10pmH. Alvarez21G-2
Winter 201730571ENGL:1ATR1:20pm - 4:10pmP. Arterburn26D-3481
Winter 201730572ENGL:1AMW1:20pm - 4:10pmH. Alvarez21G-2
Winter 201730586ENGL:1AMTWR7:20pm - 10:10pmE. Straw26A-3670
Winter 201730593ENGL:1AMTWR7:20pm - 10:10pmD. Mullane26A-3871
Winter 201730594ENGL:1AMTWR7:20pm - 10:10pmNotEntered-XXXX
Winter 201730601ENGL:1AMTWR7:20pm - 10:10pmG. Chandler26A-3680
Winter 201730861ENGL:1AMW1:20pm - 4:10pmJ. Olds26D-3491
Winter 201730862ENGL:1AMW4:20pm - 7:10pmJ. Olds26D-3491
Winter 201731145ENGL:1AMW10:20am - 1:10pmD. Loera-Ramirez26A-3610
Winter 201731146ENGL:1ATR10:20am - 1:10pmD. Loera-Ramirez26A-3610
Winter 201731149ENGL:1AMTWR10:20am - 1:10pmE. Muniz21H-2
Winter 201731151ENGL:1AMTWR1:20pm - 4:10pmNotEntered-XXXX
Winter 201731152ENGL:1AMTWR7:20pm - 10:10pmA. Mc Kennon26D-G220

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Assessment and Placement

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Academic Policies & Requirements

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