Radio Broadcasting: Behind-the-Scenes

Arts Division
Certificate L0391

The Radio Broadcasting Behind-the-Scenes Certificate of Achievement provides expertise in a variety of behind-the-scenes specialties. Students gain practical hands-on-experience in the broadcasting industry through an off-campus internship at a radio station, production studio or other broadcasting facility.

Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

Required Courses

Core Courses
R-TV 01Introduction to Electronic Media 3
R-TV 10Radio Programming and Producer Techniques 3
R-TV 11ABeginning Radio Production 3
R-TV 11BAdvanced Radio Production 3
R-TV 15Broadcast Law and Business Practices 3
R-TV 96ACampus Radio Station Lab: Studio Procedures and Equipment Operations 1
R-TV 96BCampus Radio Station Lab: Disc Jockey & News Anchor/Reporter Skills 1
R-TV 96CCampus Radio Station Lab: Hosting and Management Skills 1
R-TV 97ARadio/Entertainment Industry Seminar 1
R-TV 97BRadio/Entertainment Industry Work Experience 1
Required Electives
Choose three units from the following:3
Radio-TV Newswriting
Broadcast Sales and Promotion
Internet Radio and Podcasting
History of Radio DJs
Radio - TV Internet Applications
Pop Culture in the Media
Radio/TV Special Projects
Work Experience in Broadcast Entertainment
Total Units23
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