Business: Management - Level III

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Certificate T0526

Upon completion of the Business: Management - Level III Certificate, students will have built a foundation of management strategies and practices which will enable them to prosper in an ever-changing business environment. Students will have a strategic perspective of production, marketing, accounting, international business and human resources. Completion of the Business: Management - Level III Certificate will lead to new opportunities and provide students with a solid foundation upon which to build a management career.

Required Courses

Completion of the Business: Management - Level I coursework9
Completion of the Business: Management - Level II coursework9.5
Completion of the Business: Management - Level III coursework11
Total Units29.5
Business: Management - Level I Coursework
BUSM 20Principles of Business3
BUSM 61Business Organization and Management3
BUSS 36Principles of Marketing3
Total Units9
Business: Management - Level II Coursework
BUSM 60Human Relations in Business3
BUSM 62Human Resource Management3
CISB 15Microcomputer Applications3.5
Total Units9.5
Business: Management - Level III Coursework
BUSA 7Principles of Accounting - Financial5
BUSM 10Principles of Continuous Quality Improvement3
BUSM 51Principles of International Business3
Total Units11

Special Information

Students receiving financial aid need to declare the Level II or Level III Certificate as their goal to meet Financial Aid requirements.

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 Guided Pathway of Study

Explore Your Future in Business Management

The Guided Pathway of Study grid below offers a semester by semester plan for achieving the Business Management Certificates: Levels I, II, & III in three terms as recommended by content Faculty Members and Counselors. This Guided Pathway of Study assumes the student is able to take 12-15 units per semester.

If the number of units you are able to take are fewer than 12-15 per semester, please make an appointment with a counselor who will assist you with developing your personal Guided Pathway of Study for these certificates. 

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Semester 1Units
BUSM 60 Human Relations in Business 3
BUSS 36 Principles of Marketing 3
BUSM 62 Human Resource Management 3
BUSM 20 Principles of Business 3
Intersession 1
BUSM 61 Business Organization and Management 3
CISB 15 Microcomputer Applications 3.5
Semester 2
BUSA 7 Principles of Accounting - Financial 5
BUSM 10 Principles of Continuous Quality Improvement 3
BUSM 51 Principles of International Business 3
 Total Units29.5

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, a student will be able to:

  • Describe the basic accounting system and how it is used to serve business needs.
  • Define and outline the key principles of continuous quality management.
  • Identify how governments influence trade.

    Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.
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