Business: International - Level III

Business Division
Certificate L0528

Upon completion of the Business: International Level III Certificate, students will have acquired the specific skills needed to successfully complete international business transactions. Students will gain a practical, hands-on perspective of how to compete in a global system of conflicting laws, regulations, and requirements.

Required Courses

Completion of the Business: International - Level I coursework9
Completion of the Business: International - Level II coursework10
Completion of the Business: International - Level III coursework9
Total Units28
Business: International - Level I Coursework
BUSM 20Principles of Business3
BUSM 51Principles of International Business3
BUSS 36Principles of Marketing3
Total Units9
Business: International - Level II Coursework
BUSM 61Business Organization and Management3
BUSM 66Small Business Management3
Choose one from the following:4
Elementary Chinese
Elementary French
Elementary German
Elementary Italian
Elementary Japanese
Elementary Spanish
Total Units10
Business: International - Level III Coursework
BUSL 20International Business Law3
BUSM 50World Culture: A Business Perspective3
or ANTH 22 General Cultural Anthropology
BUSM 52Principles of Exporting and Importing3
Total Units9

Recommended Electives

BUSM 81Work Experience in Business1-4
BUSM 85Special Issues in Business2
BUSS 85Special Issues in Marketing2

Special Information

Students receiving financial aid need to declare the Level III Certificate as their goal to meet Financial Aid requirements.

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 Guided Pathway of Study

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, a student will be able to:

  • Explain how a small business can prepare to conduct export operations.
  • Define key international trade documentation requirements.
  • Describe types of international trade transportation intermediaries.

    Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.
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