Health Careers

The School of Continuing Education offers courses and certificates in the health careers. Courses are tuition free. However, students are responsible for the purchase of materials.

Program Certificates
In Home Support ServicesCertificate of Completion
Certified Nursing & Acute Care Nursing AssistantCertificate of Completion

This certificate program will prepare participants to work in both long-term and acute care facilities thus providing entry level, diverse, work opportunities in the ever growing health care field. For those planning on entering LVN or RN programs, course content may increase chances for successful admission and completion of nursing program curriculum.

These courses meet the requirements for California state certification as a CNA. The program incorporates processing of the state application and administration of the NATAP test with same day official test results for the written and manual skills examination. Verification of successful passing of the NATAP test permits immediate eligibility for employment.

All coursework can be completed within 11 weeks. Offered in Fall or Spring semesters.

Participants must:

  • provide their own transportation and be at least 16 years of age or have a work permit
  • be able to meet expenses and responsibilities incurred as part of this program
  • demonstrate proficient English/ESL verbal and written communication skills to take written exams, communicate with clients and maintain a safe clinical environment


The Certified Nursing and Acute Care Nursing Assistant program is accredited by the State of California, Health & Human Services, Department of Public Health, Licensing & Certification.


State of California, Health & Human Services, Department of Public Health, Licensing & Certification 
P.O. Box 997377, MS 3000
Sacramento, California 95899-7377
(916) 552-8632
(916) 552-8700

Program Learning Outcomes

Required Courses

Certified Nursing Assistant
Acute Care CNA
Health Careers Skills Lab (HCRC)

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Course Completion Only VOC HTH01

VOC HTH01 is offered for “course completion only” during the Winter and Summer Intersessions. This course provides for employment in long term care only.

For further information, please contact the Health Careers Resource Center, (909) 274-4788.

This short-term vocational sequence prepares students to become personal care attendants in the home or in a health care facility. This program is specifically for noncredit students who are seeking training in the health field for immediate entry-level employment.  Furthermore, this program will also provide foundational health skills for students to enter into more advanced health career programs such as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). A career development course is also provided to increase employability and work skills. Students must pass both core courses to earn the In Home Support Services Certificate of Completion.

Required Courses

Career Development
In-Home Support Service
VOC HHAHome Health Aide0
VOC HTH01Certified Nursing Assistant0
VOC HTH04Acute Care CNA0
VOC HTH05Health Careers Skills Lab (HCRC)0
VOC IHSSIn-Home Support Service0

Health Careers Resource Center (HCRC)

The Health Careers Resource Center (HCRC) provides a state-of-the-art learning lab and resources to increase the student's knowledge, learn new skills, and reinforce previously learned skills.

HCRC available services include:

  • RN assistance in clinical skills practice and performance evaluation
  • Medical and hospital equipment; supplies; manikins; simulators; training aids for hands-on demonstrations and application of basic, intermediate, and advanced skills
  • Health skills performance update/evaluation
  • Clinical simulations for Med-Surg, Psych, OB, Peds, Perioperative, Critical Care
  • METI/CAE Adult, Child, and Infant Human Patient Simulators
  • Gaumard Birthing Simulator

The HCRC is available to Mt. SAC credit and noncredit health career students. Prior to utilization of the HCRC, students must pre-register in the School of Continuing Education's Registration Office located in Building 40, Room 104. Registration receipt and current student identification must be brought to the HCRC on the first visit to complete the registration process.


The School of Continuing Education Health Careers' Programs require potential students to attend an orientation prior to the start of each cohort.  More information is available at the School of Continuing Education office in Building 40, room 104 or by calling (909) 274-4220.


Health career students enrolling in Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or In Home Support Services (IHSS) must meet specific state requirements related to security and physical health.  This information is provided at the mandatory orientations or please call (909) 274-4788 for CNA or (909) 274-4220 for IHSS.


CNA:  Once a student has attended the orientation they will need to complete a background check and get a physical examination.  Students who successfully meet those requirements will then register for the CNA program through the Health Careers Resource Center.

IHSS:  Once a student has attended the orientation they then can complete registration by filling out a registration card once registration opens. The class fills up quickly and is done on a first-come first-serve basis.  Students enrolling in the In Home Support Services (IHSS) program will also be required to take the TABE D9 Reading Survey.  The test is free and can be taken on the same day as the orientation.  This test is used for information purposes only to assist the student in identifying additional areas in which support may be needed to be successful in the program.

Fees and Expenses

There is no tuition for noncredit vocational courses.  Some courses, however, include a fee for materials provided to students.  Books and supplies needed for a class are the responsibility of the student.  All students who park on the Mt. SAC campus must have a valid parking permit.  Student parking permits may be purchased at the Bursar's Office.  One-day parking permits may be purchased at various parking lots on campus.  See the campus map for details.  

Counseling Services

The School of Continuing Education has counselors available to assist students interested in earning Certificates of Completion. Students can make appointments with the counselors, and counselors will visit the short-term vocational classes throughout the session for career and education planning. In addition, a career center is available for students to use, both to gather information on specific careers as well as to interact with the counselor who is available at the career center.  For more information or to schedule an appointment with a counselor, please call (909) 274-4845.

Career Development

Career development is part of all short-term vocational programs. In the courses, students will have the opportunity to develop their "soft skills" such as communication and collaboration. Students will also work on refining their resume and practice interviews.

Students wishing to complete a noncredit certificate program in one of the vocational areas of study must apply to the Continuing Education Division office, building 40, room 104. For further information, please select the link below or call (909) 274-4220.

Fee-Based Health Career Certificates

The School of Continuing Education offers fee-based programs that prepare the student for the certificates and corresponding examinations in the given area. These include:

  • Mammography Initial Training
  • Medical Insurance Billing Specialist
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • RN Re-Entry into Practice

For more information on these programs, please refer to the School of Continuing Education Community Education Schedule of Classes each semester of call (909) 274-4220.


For more information regarding the School of Continuing Education Certificates of Completion, please call the office at (909) 274-4220.

How to Complete a Certificate

Certificates of Completion

The School of Continuing Education offers short-term vocational certificates of completion in a few areas. Generally, these certificates can be completed anywhere between six weeks and six months. These certificates prepare students to work in certain fields and also serve as the first step in their career ladder to higher level positions requiring additional schooling.

How to Complete and Obtain a Certificate

In order for students to receive a Certificate of Completion, the student must complete the following:
  • Register for the desired courses (and pay material fees if applicable)
  • Satisfactorily complete coursework, papers, projects, take and pass all exams with the equivalent of a "C" grade as outlined by each individual course syllabus.
  • When all courses are completed, submit a request to the School of Continuing Education in Building 40, room 104.
  • The office will verify that all requirements have been met and prepare the Certificate of Completion for the student to pick up.
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