Interior Design - Level III

Business Division
Certificate T0305
The Interior Design: Level III Certificate builds upon the Level II coursework to provide students with advanced skills that will enhance their Interior Design careers. There is a focus on building systems, lighting, advanced computer applications, business practices and studio design. Students will prepare professional portfolios to strengthen career perspectives. This certificate may aid in the student’s search for an intermediate position as an assistant to a designer, library coordinator, or a specialization in the field of interior design.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, a student will:

  • successfully design a space based on a concept.
  • successfully meet program requirements.
  • successfully demonstrate craftsmanship skills in the presentation of a space.

Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

Required Courses

Completion of the Interior Design - Level I coursework9
Completion of the Interior Design - Level II coursework24
Completion of the Interior Design - Level III coursework17
Total Units50
Interior Design - Level I coursework
ID 10Introduction to Interior Design 2
ID 10LIntroduction to Interior Design Laboratory 1
ID 12Materials and Products for Interior Design 3
ID 14History of Furniture and Decorative Arts 3
Total Units9
Interior Design - Level II coursework
ID 20Color and Design Theory I 3
ID 21Color and Design Theory II 3
ID 22Design Drawing for Interior Design 3
ID 23Computer Aided Drawing for Interior Design I 3
ID 25Space Planning for Interior Design I 3
ID 26Space Planning for Interior Design II 3
ID 27Rapid Visualization 3
ID 29Interior Design Studio I 3
Total Units24
Interior Design - Level III coursework
ID 31Building Systems for Interior Design 3
ID 32Lighting Design and Theory for Interior Design 3
ID 34Computer Aided Drawing for Interior Design II 3
ID 36Portfolio Development for Interior Design 3
or ID 37 Business Practices for Interior Design
ID 38Internship in Interior Design 2
ID 39Interior Design Studio II 3
Total Units17

 Recommended Electives

ID 50Interior Design Specialized Studio 3
ID 99Special Projects in Interior Design 1-3

The Interior Design program is accredited by the Interior Design – National Kitchen and Bath Association NKBA.

Interior Design – National Kitchen and Bath Association NKBA
687 Willow Grove St
Hackettstownm, NJ 07847
1(800) 843-6522
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