Computer Programming, AS

Business Division
Degree S7302

The A.S. Degree in Computer Programming is designed to prepare students for a career in computer programming. The degree offers a balanced set of classes that provides students with client, server and database programming skills required by the industry. Emphasis is placed on object-oriented programming applications, configuring servers, creating and navigating databases, and reusable software components. Students will demonstrate the ability to design and implement business environment applications that will contain the front end user interface and back end database. Student in this program select one of the following three programming language concentrations: C++, Visual Basic.NET or Java. Career opportunities available after the completion of this degree include programming for systems, mobile devices, device drivers and software engineering. Students wishing a bachelor’s degree (transfer program) should meet with a counselor or advisor to discuss transferability of courses.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, a student will be able to:

Required Courses

Core Courses
CISB 11Computer Information Systems 3.5
CISB 15Microcomputer Applications 3.5
CISM 11Systems Analysis and Design 3.5
Choose one from the following:3-3.5
Windows Operating System
Linux Operating System
and Linux Operating System Laboratory
CISP 10Principles of Object-Oriented Design 2.5
BUSM 20Principles of Business 3-5
or BUSA 7 Principles of Accounting - Financial
Choose one from the following combinations:3.5
Database Management - Microsoft Access
and Database Management - Microsoft Access Laboratory
Database Management - Microsoft SQL Server
and Database Management - Microsoft SQL Server Laboratory
Database Management - Oracle
and Database Management - Oracle Laboratory
Required Electives
Choose one of the following concentrations:7
Programming in C++
Programming in C++ Laboratory
Advanced C++ Programming
Advanced C++ Programming Laboratory
Visual Basic
Programming in Visual Basic
Programming in Visual Basic Laboratory
Advanced Visual Basic .NET
Advanced Visual Basic.NET Laboratory
Programming in Java
Programming in Java Laboratory
Advanced Java Programming
Advanced Java Laboratory
Total Units29.5-32
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