Animation, AS

Arts Division
Degree S1006

The Animation Program offers an integrated/interdisciplinary approach to prepare students to meet current and future job market demands. The student will be given a balanced blend of art and technology-based skills essential for today’s careers in animation. The program offers both an A.S. degree and certificates. Course content is driven by industry needs in order to provide the student with the best possible preparation for a career in animation or for transfer to an institution of higher learning. This Animation AS Degree provides expertise leading to employment opportunities as junior animators, character designers, storyboard artists, 3D modelers and game designers.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, a student will:

  • Be able to plan, produce, collaborate on, and create 2D art and animation assets for use in games and animation productions.
  • Be able to plan, produce, collaborate on, and create 3D models of objects and environments that can be used in games, and animation productions.
  • Be able to plan, develop, and collaborate on storyboards for short animation and game productions.
  • Be able to design, collaborate on, work with external developers and produce board games, and digital games.
  • Create a portfolio demonstrating a clear understanding of selecting and organizing to present their art portfolio to animation and game studios.

    Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

Required Courses

Core Courses
ANIM 100Digital Paint and Ink 3
or ARTC 100 Graphic Design I
ANIM 101ADrawing - Gesture and Figure 3
ANIM 104Drawing Fundamentals 3
or ARTD 15A Drawing: Beginning
ANIM 108Principles of Animation 3
ANIM 115Storyboarding 3
ANIM 116Character Development 1.5
ANIM 130Introduction to 3D Modeling 3
ANIM 131Introduction to Gaming 3
ANIM 148Demo Reel 3
or ARTC 290 Portfolio
ARTD 17ADrawing: Life 3
Required Electives
Choose one from the following:3
Advanced Principles of Animation
Intermediate 3D Modeling
2D Game Level Design
Game Prototype Production
Motion Graphics, Compositing and Visual Effects
Digital Animation
Drawing: Perspective
Total Units31.5

Recommended Electives

AHIS 4History of Western Art: Prehistoric Through Gothic 3
AHIS 4HHistory of Western Art: Prehistoric Through Gothic - Honors 3
AHIS 5History of Western Art: Renaissance Through Modern 3
AHIS 5HHistory of Western Art: Renaissance Through Modern - Honors 3
ANIM 111AAnimal Drawing 1.5
ANIM 111BAnimal Drawing 1.5
ARTD 20Design: Two-Dimensional 3
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