Music Emphasis, AA Liberal Arts and Sciences

Degree A8990

An emphasis in Music provides the student with an understanding of music theory, harmony and the history of western music. In addition to the foundational Music courses, students select courses in piano and a performance ensemble.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will:

  • demonstrate proficiency in the rehearsal, collaboration and performance of music across a wide range of compositional styles and in a variety of venues.
  • demonstrate proficiency in the analysis and composition of tonal music.
  • demonstrate proficiency in the dictation and sight singing of tonal music.
  • demonstrate proficiency in sight reading, transposition and improvisation at the keyboard.
  • comprehend and communicate in writing the cultural and historical contexts of music, as well as stylistic differences, in the Western classical traditions.

Review Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this program.

Required Courses

Core Courses
MUS 2Music Theory 3
MUS 3AHarmony - Diatonic 3
MUS 5AMusicianship - Ear Training and Sight Singing 1
MUS 5BMusicianship - Diatonic 1
MUS 11AMusic Literature Survey 3
MUS 16Individual Instruction 0.5
MUS 22Conducting 1.5
Choose two units from the following:2
Elementary Piano
Intermediate Piano
Advanced Piano
Performance Ensemble
Choose 3 to 5 units from the following:3-5
Chamber Music
Collegiate Chorale
Concert Choir
Women's Vocal Ensemble
Wind Symphony
Laboratory Band
Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Chamber Singers
Jazz Ensemble
Men's Vocal Ensemble
Wind Ensemble
For Area of Emphasis
Total Units18-20

Strongly Recommended Electives

MUS 11BMusic Literature Survey 3
MUS 16Individual Instruction 0.5
MUS 9Introduction to Music Technology 3
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