Instructional Divisions

"There's much to be said about an institution that students consistently choose because of its academic excellence. That's what our students have told independent researchers when asked why they chose Mt. SAC to begin their undergraduate studies. We are proud of that vote of confidence, and our exceptional faculty members are committed to maintain our tradition of providing a superior quality of instruction to more than a million students." - Dr. Irene M. Malmgren, Vice President, Instruction.

Instruction at Mt. SAC is organized under a divisional structure with departments within each division. At present, the College has eight instructional divisions.

Arts Division

(909) 274-5200
Dr. Sue Long, Dean
Mark Lowentrout, Associate Dean

The Arts Division is comprised of four educational departments offering numerous degrees and certificates that provide students with the knowledge and training necessary for transferring to a university or fulfilling career opportunities in the arts. The division houses an acclaimed art gallery and supports the new state-of-the-art Design Technology Center. The division offers 6 Associate in Science degrees, 2 Associate in Arts degrees, 2 Associate in Arts for Transfer degrees, and 17 Certificates of Achievement.

The Arts Division’s educational departments and their program areas include:

  • Fine Arts (Drawing, Figure, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics)
  • Commercial & Entertainment Arts (Animation & Gaming, Graphic Design & Illustration, Photography, Radio & Television)
  • Music (Theory, Choral, Instrumental)
  • Theater (Acting, Design & Technical, Playwriting)
  • Art Gallery (Gallery Design and Operations)

Business Division

(909) 274-4600
Jennifer Galbraith, Dean
Dr. Fawaz Al-Malood, Associate Dean

The Business Division’s educational programs and services are designed to respond to the changing trends, needs, and job requirements of the community, state, and national economy while ensuring a high quality of education. The division offers 20 Associate in Science degrees, 2 Associate in Arts degrees, one Associate in Science for Transfer degree and 60 Certificates. The Business Division also includes the services of the new Child Development Center and the Center of Excellence.

The Business Division’s educational departments and their program areas include:

  • Accounting and Management (Accounting, Business Management, Business Office Communications, and Marketing & Sales)
  • Business Administration (Paralegal Studies, Real Estate, Economics, and Business Law)
  • Child Development and Education
  • Computer Information Systems (Computer Basics, Database Management, CIS Management, Networking, Programming, Computer & Network Security, and Web Development)
  • Consumer Sciences and Design Technologies (Family & Consumer Sciences, Fashion Merchandising & Design, Hospitality & Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts,  Interior Design, and Nutrition & Foods)

Humanities and Social Sciences Division

(909) 274-4570
James Jenkins, Dean
Dr. Jeanne Marie Velickovic, Associate Dean

The Humanities and Social Sciences Division provides students with a broad selection of general education courses in language arts, humanities, and social sciences. It offers 2 Associate in Science degrees, 4 Associate in Arts degrees, 8 Associate in Arts for Transfer degrees and one Certificate of Achievement. The Division publishes the student newspaper and magazine and houses the Honors program, the Study Abroad program, Teacher Preparation Institute, Writing Center, and Speech & Sign Success Center.

The Humanities and Social Sciences Division’s educational departments and their program areas include:

  • American Language
  • Communication (speech and forensics)
  • English, Literature and Journalism (English, Journalism, Literature and Latin)
  • World Languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish)
  • History and Art History (History, Art history and Humanities)
  • Geography and Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sign Language (American Sign Language and Interpreting)
  • Sociology and Philosophy

Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance Division

(909) 274-4630
Joe Jennum, Dean / Athletics Director
Debbie Cavion, Associate Dean / Associate Athletics Director

The Kinesiology Athletics and Dance Division has been a leader among community colleges for over 60 years. Our division provides a wide range of opportunities within the disciplines of kinesiology, wellness, fitness, coaching, athletic training and dance, as well as fielding 20 competitive teams. The division offers one Associate in Science degree, one Associate in Arts degree and 7 Certificates. The Division also houses the WIN student athlete academic resource center, Exercise Science/Wellness Center and Athletics and Dance venues throughout the campus.

The Kinesiology Athletics and Dance Division’s educational departments and their program areas include:

  • Dance (Theory and Activity)
  • Kinesiology (Adaptive, Aquatics, Athletics, Fitness, Individual Activities, Team Sports, and Theory)

Library and Learning Resources Division

(909) 274-5659
Meghan M. Chen, Dean
Bailey Smith, Director, Learning Assistance Center

The Library and Learning Resources Division offers services in the Learning Assistance Center, the Library, Tutorial Services and the Distance Learning Program which provide academic support for all students at the College. Faculty teaching distance learning courses are also supported by the division’s Online Learning Support Center.

Housed in the Learning Technology Center, the Library and Learning Resources Division’s educational departments and their program areas include:

  • Learning Assistance (Basic Skills Math, Basic Skills Writing, Learning Communities, Reading, Study Skills and Tutoring)
  • Library

Natural Sciences Division

(909) 274-4425
Matthew Judd, Dean
Karelyn Hoover, Associate Dean

The Natural Sciences Division provides diverse educational opportunities and programs within its six departments. Academic and vocational programs are available and provide students with state of the art equipment in modern lab settings. The Division offers 11 Associate in Science degrees, 2 Associate in Arts degrees, one Associate in Science for Transfer degree and 13 Certificates of Achievement. Natural Sciences houses a variety of facilities for learning and community outreach including the Math Activities Resource Center (MARC) and Transfer Math Activities Resource Center (T-MARC), the Jim and Eleanor Randall Planetarium, an Astronomy Observatory and a 25 acre Wildlife Sanctuary, the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Center, the Redinger Exploration Center and Meek Natural History Exhibit, and the Agriculture Literacy Trail.

The Natural Sciences Division's educational departments and their program areas include:

  • Agriculture (Horticulture, Animal Science and Registered Veterinary Technician)
  • Biology (Anatomy & Physiology, Anthropology, Biological Sciences, Botany, Histotechnician Program and Microbiology)
  • Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Earth Sciences (Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology and Oceanography)
  • Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Physics and Engineering (Engineering, Physical Sciences, Physics and Surveying)

School of Continuing Education

(909) 274-4220
Dr. Madelyn Arballo, Dean
Dr. Liza Becker, Associate Dean

Dr. Tami Pearson, Associate Dean

The School of Continuing Education provides a variety of noncredit courses and certificates as well as a robust offering of fee-based, not-for-credit community services classes and contract training. The Division offers Certificates of Competency and Certificates in Occupational Training. Programs within the Division provide orientation, assessment, educational planning, and embedded counseling services.

The School of Continuing Education programs include:

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Adult High School Diploma (Secondary Education)
  • GED/High School Equivalency
  • Citizenship
  • Education for Older Adults/Adults with Disabilities
  • English as a Second Language
  • Short-Term Vocational (Business, Health Careers, Technology, and other fields)

Technology and Health Division

(909) 274-4750
Jemma Blake-Judd, Dean
Sarah Plesetz, Associate Dean

The Technology and Health Division provides 24 Associate in Science degrees, one Associate in Science for Transfer degree, and 31 certificates in both occupational and vocational programs in the areas of technology, public services, and health care. Programs are driven by industry needs and many are governed by state and national accreditation agencies. The Technology and Health Division includes the services of the Health Careers Resource Center and the Mt. SAC Fire Academy.

The Technology and Health Division's educational departments and their program areas include:

  • Aeronautics, Transportation (Air Traffic Control, Commercial Flight, Transportation)
  • Air Conditioning & Welding Technologies (Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Building Automation Systems, Welding)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technology (Aircraft Maintenance Technician)
  • Architecture, Industrial Design Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Electronics & Computer Technology (Computer & Networking Technology, Electronics, Electronics Systems Technology)
  • Medical Services (Paramedic)
  • Mental Health (Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Psychiatric Technician)
  • Nursing
  • Public Safety (Administration of Justice, Fire Technology)
  • Radiologic Technology
  • Respiratory Therapy
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