Engineering Design Technology (EDT)

EDT 16  Basic CAD and Computer Applications

4 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU)
Lecture: 54   Lab: 54
Advisory: Eligibility for MATH 51

Basic CAD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) and computer application in engineering and related fields (including basic word processing, spreadsheet, CAD and presentation applications).

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 201623148EDT:16M6:00pm - 9:10pmG. Richins28B-310
W6:00pm - 9:10pmG. Richins28B-310
Fall 201623356EDT:16T2:40pm - 5:50pmS. Takahashi; G. Richins28B-310
R2:40pm - 5:50pmS. Takahashi; G. Richins28B-310

EDT 18  Engineering CAD Applications

4 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU)
Lecture: 54   Lab: 54
Advisory: EDT 16

Intermediate CAD for engineering, explores the 2-D and 3-D environments, 3-D parametric solid modeling.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 201623149EDT:18TR6:00pm - 7:35pmS. Takahashi28B-301B
TR7:40pm - 9:10pmS. Takahashi28B-301B

EDT 24  Engineering CAD 3-D Solids and Surfaces

3 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU)
Lecture: 36   Lab: 71
Advisory: EDT 18

Advanced engineering CAD for developing detailed working drawings in 3D environments, incorporating 3D parametric solid modeling, bill of materials, and surface development.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 201623338EDT:24TR6:30pm - 7:30pmJ. Galaz28B-310
TR7:35pm - 9:40pmJ. Galaz28B-310

EDT 26  Civil Engineering Technology and CAD

3 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU)
Lecture: 36   Lab: 71
Advisory: EDT 11 AND EDT 16

Theory of civil engineering projects with hands-on instruction in civil drawings and Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CAD) applications. Layout, topography maps, grading plans, sections, street improvements, and interpretation of surveyor's data are covered. Set of CAD drawings produced for a final portfolio.

EDT 89  Engineering Design Technology Work Experience

1-2 Units (Degree Applicable)
(May be taken for Pass/No Pass only)
Lab: 75-150
Prerequisite: Application approved by department faculty and compliance with Work Experience regulations as designated in the College Catalog

Provides on-the-job experience at an approved work site which is related to classroom instruction in Engineering Design Technology. A minimum of 75 paid or 60 non-paid clock hours per semester of supervised work is required for each unit of credit. If this is a volunteer program on or off campus, a minimum number hours per month will be required as part of the 60 hour total.

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