Art: Special Studio Arts (ARTZ)

ARTZ 50  Specialized Studio-Art Studies

2 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU)
Lecture: 18   Lab: 54

Allows the student to pursue more advanced studio projects and experiments in an area of interest in Studio Arts specialization. Professor authorization needed prior to enrollment.

TermCRNCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorLocation
Fall 201620476ARTZ:50M8:00am - 8:59amR. Brown1A-4
M9:00am - 12:10pmR. Brown1A-4
Fall 201620478ARTZ:50MW12:00pm - 12:59pmS. Wasson1A-3
MW1:00pm - 2:10pmS. Wasson1A-3
Fall 201620479ARTZ:50MW3:30pm - 4:29pmK. Pedersen1B/C-6
MW4:30pm - 5:35pmK. Pedersen1B/C-6
Fall 201620482ARTZ:50TR9:45am - 10:44amK. Pedersen1B/C-6
TR10:45am - 11:55amK. Pedersen1B/C-6
Fall 201620483ARTZ:50F9:00am - 10:04amK. Queen1A-10
F10:05am - 1:35pmK. Queen1A-10
Fall 201624737ARTZ:50MW12:00pm - 12:59pmT. Butler1B/C-5
MW1:00pm - 2:05pmT. Butler1B/C-5
Fall 201624909ARTZ:50MW3:30pm - 4:29pmS. Rubenstein1A-10
MW4:30pm - 5:35pmS. Rubenstein1A-10
Fall 201624923ARTZ:50MW11:30am - 12:29pmS. Thankamushy13-2435
MW12:30pm - 1:35pmS. Thankamushy13-2435
Fall 201624950ARTZ:50TR9:00am - 10:05amB. Bouskill13-2440
TR8:00am - 8:59amB. Bouskill13-2440
Fall 201624951ARTZ:50TR3:00pm - 3:59pmB. Bouskill13-2440
TR4:00pm - 5:05pmB. Bouskill13-2440
Fall 201624953ARTZ:50MW7:00pm - 7:59pmS. Keena1A-10
MW8:00pm - 9:05pmS. Keena1A-10
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